The Access To Goods Act is an act that was put in place in the Urban New London Area, out of a growing concern of the massive length of time it was taking to get to Downtown/Midtown/Uptown West New London, which was/is the primary commerical district of the UNLA. Residents wanted easier access to goods and services.


In 2004, a survey was conducted that concluded that over 60% of the UNLA (off Westminster Island) commuted to West New London for basic supplies (such as groceries, gas, etc.), at least weekly. Of those, over 80% reported that they often had a commute that was over an hour to arrive in the commercial district of West New London. This was very frustrating for the residents. Thus, they decided to petition to create more downtown centres, and buisness parks. Even on Westminster Island, commutes could take even longer then an hour for many of the North/South extremes of the Island, in which the suburbia is most common.

On August 11, 2004; a massive protest occured in front of the UNLA Pyramid Tower on West New London. The protesters demanded more downtowns and buisness parks, aside from Sasin City's Downtown and West New London's Downtown/Midtown/Uptown. The muncipal government gave in to the protesters, and began zoning for more commerical developments.

Downtowns arroused

Multiple downtowns were arroused for development as a part of the Access to Goods Act, including:

  • Downtown East New London
  • Downtown Sasin City
  • Downtown New Vancouver
  • Downtown New Sienfield
  • Downtown Laurien
  • Uptown West New London

Buisness Parks Created

Due to the nature of the UNLA, in that it is so spread out, the new downtowns would only benefit a portion of the population. In order to solve the problem of limited access to goods, multiple Buisness Parks would need to be created.

In West New London

  • Maple Strait Buisness Park, West Buckingham
  • Cloverleaf Buisness Park, East Buckingham
  • Thomas Dayfold Buisness Park, East Buckingham
  • River-Meets-Ocean Buisness Park, Southampton
  • Westminster Buisness Park, Eaton
  • Eaton Buisness Complex, Eaton
  • Exspectata Buiness Park, Lower-Bronx
  • Thamesside Buisness Park, Upper-Bronx
  • Walt-Bronx Corridor Buisness Development; Lower-Bronx, Upeer-Bronx, The Thames-view, Richmond, Clockworth, Lucydale, Walt.
  • Islandsight Business Park, The Thames-view
  • Worthingham Buisness Park, Richmond
  • Murphy Buisness Park, Clockworth
  • Timothy Issac Buisness Complex, Walt
  • Queen's Buisness Park, Queenston
  • Heights and Crossings, New London Heights
  • Quadinglight Development, Lucydale
  • Yorkemore, New Wellington
  • Tip Core, Tip Core
  • Arctic Sunset, New Staed
  • North Core, North Core
  • Développement de buisness Sous-Marie, Île à Sous-Marie

Outside West New London