A typical sand hill, which could be seen in July 2011 from the King George Way.

The Adimoore Desert is one of the very few deserts in Delongo, and it is by far the largest. It is located in the New Adimoore and Ryanby provinces.

The Desert is comprised primarily of sand, and dry mud. It recieves the highest temperatures in Delongo, the highest being 44.3 C in 1937.

The Adimoore Desert's federally recognized region streches from Lake South to the North-most point of the Mindon Valley, and from the Atlantic Ocean to 45km after the end of the Ryanbay. However the scientifically recognized region is signifigantly larger, streching from the South Matewood Equator to the North-most point of the Mindon Valley, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sienfield Approach Valley. 

During the winter, the desert can also become unbarably cold, particularily in some of the unoccupied parts. as they are not protected from the wind by buildings. 

Settlements in the region

(Using the Federal region)

  • Studio Hills, New Adimoore; which is also typically the warmest place in the desert.
  • New Port, New Adimoore; Located on the Port River, it is one of the coolest places in the desert, particularly during the winter.
  • Fillville, New Adimoore; It is one of the warmest places in the desert.
  • Below-the-Lake, South Matewood, New Adimoore; A district of South Matewood, that is located south of Lake South.
  • Waten, Ryanby; One of the most humid parts of the desert, due to its location on the Ryanbay. 
  • Sile, Claymore Tri; Located on the Western edge of the desert.
  • Tays, Ryanby; A suburb of Mindon
  • Mindon, Ryanby; Only the suburbs are considered to be in the desert, the urban valley is excluded.

Major Highways in the region

Highway Route Lanes Info
King George Way (KGW) K17, K23, K204, K39, K73 6-28 National 
Queen Victoria Way (QVW) 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 399, 782, 843 4-20 National Highway

Matewood-Mindon Corridor (MMIC)

703 8 Inter-Provincial 
Sienfield-Matewood Corridor (SMC) 239 6-14 Inter-Provincial Highway
Route: UMA (RUMA) 1006 10* District Highway
Euylize Trail (ET) 498 4-8 Province Line-Flatlands
East Delongo Corridor (EDC) 87 8 Inter-Provincial
Oilman-Blix Highway (OBH) 0 6-10 Inter-Provincial
Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) 59 4-8 International 
Trans-Delongo Highway (TDH) 7, 8, 13, 28 6-20 National 
Waten-UMA Highway (WUMH) 314 2-6 Inter-Provincial 
Ferry Hills- Nouvelle Montreal- Matewood Highway (FNMH) 2146 4-10 Inter-Provincial 
New London-Oilman Highway (NLOH) 1354 6-20 National
Ryan Rowling Memorial Highway (RRMH) 5700 4 Studio Hills- Ocean
New Adimoore Highway (NAH) 4632 4-8 Provincial
Oceanfront Highway (OCFH) 201 4 Inter-Provincial
Sienfield-Atlantic Highway (SAH) 1881 4 Inter-Provincial
Outnyleon Victim's Memorial Highway (OVMH) 3000 4-10 National
New York City-South Matewood International Highway (NYCSMH) 2207 6-12 International

Highway Concerns


Highway 314, from Waten to the Urban Matewood Area, on a very calm day in September 2004.

The Adimoore Desert has dozens of major highways going through it. It is home to the Mindon-Matewood Corridor (Also the South Blix-Matewood Corridor), the Sienfield-Matewood Corridor, the King George Way (which is at one its busiest points here), the Queen Victoria Way, and many others. 

There are two major concerns regarding these highways, which are listed below


The Adimoore Desert is known for its sandstorms, particularly in the centre of the desert, where no building are in the way of the wind. Therefore, the highways are sometimes crossed by these sandstorms, which have caused many accidents. 

During the winter, blowing snow also poses a major threat on these highways. 

The Delongo Ministry has put forth several proposals, and is currently working on a Desert/Prarrie Highway Natural Weather Defence Plan (DPHNDP).

Natural Landmark Protection

Many enviromental activists are concerned that all of the Adimoore Desert highways are doing more harm than good to Delongo. They claim that "convience of getting to your destination ten minutes earlier should not be put in fromt of the unique habitat and animals present in the Adimoore Desert."