Crown corporations are enterprises owned by the Crown or Queen, in right of the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo. Crown-corporations are established or acquired by a act of parliament and report to a minister of the crown in a relevent cabinet.

Crown-corporations are on the rise, being justified by the current governing MonoBlix party as essential to the proper development of a socialist state. While socialism is supported, there are growing fears of communism growing.

Crown-Corporation Notes
Delongo Broadcasting Corp.
Delongonian Television (DTV)
Delongo Board Organization Holds special non-interventory status
Royal Delongo Oil Corp.
Delongo National Petroleum
Tri Lake Reserves Commision
Hydro New Thames

Blixian Hydro

National Arts Group
Delongonian Post
Delongo Museums
Royal Delo Mint
Matewood Rail
Royal Bank for the DM and PDRD
Blix Electric National Electricity Authority
BRR (Blix Regional Rail)
New London Capital Commission Also a governing body.
Delongo Public Transit Group Funds many subways, bus systems...
Nimbus Calc Ports
South Island Ports