Delongo Board Organization (DBO)


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Governed by

The Delongo Board

The Delongo Board Organization is a powerful non-profit organization headquatered in West New London.

Properties owned by the DBO

The Delongo Board- It is an artificial governement, in which "the power is in the people". Anyone can sign up for a seat in the house, including major corparations, and just ordinary people.It was founded in 1941. db.dbo.del

Sienfield Stock Exchange (SSE)- The DBO bought the SSE in 1954. It is known as being "the cause of the Geat Blix Depression, and the cause of the rise of Delongo". It is headquatered in Sienfield. sse.del

.del- 'The Proud Domain', it is a top-level domain that was created in 2011 and stands for Delongo.

.brm- It was the official top-level domain of the Blix Regional Municipality. It was founded in 2001.

.w- It is "the world's domain" as it stands for World. It was founded in 2002.

.u- It stands for you. It is known as YOUR top-level domain. It was founded in 2002. It is a Domain Registrar, selling at wholesale.

Blix Air Organization- It improves airports, and manages air and airplane laws in Delongo.

Queen Victoria Way- "The Royal Way. The Blix Way", named after Queen Victoria, it is a highway that goes through every Delongonian city. It was founded in 2006. qvw.dbo.del

King George Way- "Explore Delongo. Explore Royality". It is another highway that goes through every Delongonian city, but drivers can go up to 160km/hour. It was founded in 2011, kgw.dbo.del

Express Subway - "Delongo, reinvented" It is an underground subway, that goes through each Delongonian city, at an average of 1000-2500km/hour. It was founded in 2002. es.dbo.del

Delongo Shops Group- "Making Shopping Fair" It manages all shopping laws and regulations etc. for shops in Delongo. Founded in 1970. dsg.dbo.del

Delongo Questions- "Helping Tourists" It manages all Tourists stations in Delongo.

Stats.del- It is the official statistic bureau of Delongo. It conducts the annual census. It was founded in 1996. stats.del

Scorch Bank Credit Union- It is the largest bank in the world, and one of the few International banks. It pulls in billions of dollars a quarter. It was founded in 1982. sb.del