Delongo Ministry


March 2012: Katie Lee's Government


Katie Lee


New Delongonian Government Style


Primarily: West New London

Secondarily: South Blix






To govern the people of Delongo


Changing the world by the second


The Delongo Ministry (Also known at the Delogonian Ministry, Minstry of Delongo, Delongo Federal Government, and D.M) is the main governing body of the Country of Delongo. It was formed by President Jake Issac (2012-). The Delongo Ministry is ruled by the President mainly, but Her-Majesty-The-Queen has representation within the Government, as Blixian Delongo is a part of the Commonwealth (Delongo is often known for being Half-Commonwealth, as it is much more free from rulling then Canada is, for example.) Rupertland is a part of the Commonwealth, but is not ruled by Queen Elizabeth II.

The current President of Delongo is Katie Lee, with a majority government by means of the MonoBlix Party.

Location & Building

The Delongo Ministry is primarliy located in West New London. It does have a office in South Blix, but it is not the primary building. The Delongo Ministry Building finished construction on July 19th, 2012. Plans were made for the building in-secret by Ryan Rowling as early as 2007. Construction began on the building (which was orginally going to be the Provincial building, but changed to federal) in July 2011. Construction has been going very, very fast. The building is 77 stories high, making it one of the tallest government buildings in the world.

Executive Role Order

There are two Executive Role Orders. One for the Presidential Line, and one for the Governor Line. It is unusual for The People being placed so high (see Governor's line)

The Presidential Line

  1. President
  2. Governor
    1. (see executive role order below; skip #4)
  3. Senior Undersecretary to the President
  4. Representatives of the Governmental House
  5. Government Staff
  6. Press (which leads to)
    1. The People
    2. Tourists
    3. Outsiders
  7. The People ( #5 may be skipped over)

The Governing Line

  1. Governor
  2. Senior Undersecratary to the Governor
  3. Governor's House Staff
  4. President
    1. ​(see executive role order above; skip #2)
  5. The People
    1. (which may be accesed through) The Press
      1. (which leads to) The Tourists
      2. (which leads to) The Outsiders


For a full list of Presidents, see List of Delongonian Presidents

  • President Katie Lee of the MonoBlix Part of the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo (2013-)
  • President Jake Issac of the Tri-Party of Delongo (2012-2013)
  • President Katie Lee of the Tri-Party of the Blix Regional Municipality (2011-2012)
  • President Ryan Rowling of the Tri-Party of the Blix Regional Municipality (1997-2011)
  • President Merissa MacDonald of the Conservative Party of Canada- BRM Sector (1995-1997)
  • President Jason Well of the Liberal Party of Canada- BRM Sector (1993-1995)
  • President Steven Jackson of the New Democratic Party- BRM Sector (1992-1993)
  • President Peter Hughes of the New Democratic Party- BRM Sector (1991-1992)
  • President Iris MacDonnell of the Liberal Party of Canada- BRM Sector (1989-1991)
  • President Mike Fraser of the Conservative Party of Canada-BRM Sector (1988-1989)
  • President Elizabeth Isaner of the Humanity Party of the BRM (1986-1988)

Departments & Agencies

See: List of Departments in the Delongo Ministry There are many Departments and Agencies in the Delongo Ministry.

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