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The flag of the People's Democratic Republic of the Délon'go

Welcome to the official Wiki for the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo, which is located on a fictional island off the Nova Scotian Coast.

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Welcome to the official Delongo Wiki. Here are some things you should know:

Weseopia: (460-1303)

Rupertland Empire: (1303-1817) One of the greatest and most successful monarchical empires to ever exist on Earth. It's capital was Rupertland City, and it was created by King Rupert the Divine. It collapsed during the Fires of New London to the British, who gave the land to the English Blixian Empire (a proxy state).

English Blixian Empire: (1814-1869) It was recognized as a sovereign region by King George III of Britain in 1814 with the passing of the Sienfield Act. It was divided into three nations: Blix, New Rupertland, and New Adimoore. After the Fires of New London caused the collapse of the only competing empire, the Rupertland Empire, Blix became a strong force internationally.

Matewood Confederacy: (1825-1828) The Confederacy was created by Lucas MacLennan in order to promote capitalism, in protest of the Dissolution Act which had many Socialist aspects. The Republic re-joined the English Blixian Empire in 1828 with the Treaty of Dimin after the Blixian Civil War.

Independent Blix Territory: (1869-2011) In 1869, after a growing treat from a USA with a Manifest Destiny, Blix dissolved into a Canadian territory, and was only allotted three seats in the Canadian House of Commons. Often referred to simply as the IBT, in Late 2011, it became a nation after outrage of a lack of response to the East Nimbus Calc Explosion.

The Country of Delongo (Now: The People's Democratic Republic of Delongo): (November 2012-) The new country. It stretches from Scorch Island to the East Point Mountains.

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