A piece of art by a Rupertland artist depicting the War of Murdoch.

The Delongonian First Age is a major period of history taking place on the Delongonian subcontinent from the years 1274-1800. It is known as one of the world's bloodiest periods. It was also never spoken of, nor widely known of until after the Blixian Discovery of 1813.

The majority of the information on the First Age comes from the well-documented records kept by Rupertland (now known as the Princess Diana Kingdom). Some of the recorded information was bias, but has been edited slighlty by historians to remove bias.

The wars of the First Age we're primarly caused by a constant desire for Rupertland's domination of the land. This threatened the cities in the New Land Mainland (now Delongo Base).

1274: Creation of the 'Great City of Euylize'


In March 1274, a group of 120 men and women set off from Britain in hopes of discovery of a New Land, to avoid the constant wars in Europe. After a long journey by boat, they reached the Lonely Island (Northeast Island). 

After staying in the island for a week, they left the island, until reaching the Matewood River. They took the Euylize River exit, and settled upon the Euylize River lowlands. They named themseles the Euylize, after the name that their town was given during the Roman Empire's rule of Britain.

Euylize Forest Settlement

The people settled in the beautiful Euylize Forest, along the river. They created a massive city, along the High Mount. They rarely left Euylize, fearing attack from people who had already settled on the land.

1303: 10,000 arrive to the East Point Mountains

After being kicked out of Britian, 10,000 people were sent of 14-7 boats to die. They landed in the East Point Mountains. Of those 10,000, there are 167 Knotts, a rare, and incredibly strong species of man.

They made their way West as quickly as possible, out of fear of a British attack. They named a man named  Rupert, son of Theor their King. Thus was the beginning of the great realm of Rupertland.

During their Journey, they are known to have settled in Dimin for a few weeks. Many remained behind, creating Delongo's oldest city. However, most of the company moved westward. Dimin flew the new Rupertland flag.

Murdoch Seperation

After a major disagreement, a large portion of the company (1/3 of it) decided to settle in what is today known as South of the Claymore Mountains. They create a "majestic city, and become a major powerhouse in Western New Land.

Rupertland Island

After the disagreement, the people of Rupertland take boats to the Rupertland Island, and settle there permently. The island's population is all forced into the city, which is in the centre of the island. The North and South ends of the island are used for military and government purposes.

1375: King Rupert I dies

After a long and successful life, King Rupert I dies.His son, Elijah takes over and becomes King Elijah.