City of Dimin




City: 939,000 (2013)

Metro: 1,049,467


Richard Hawke; Conservative

Time Zone

Matewood Time, UTC -1.00



Dimin is a major city in the Claymore Tri. It is situated on the East shore of Tri Lake, and is the only habitable region in the Dimin Rocks Region. It was the first settled in 1303.

The city has a population of 939,000 and a metropolitan population of 1,042,467 as of the 2013 census. It is the second largest city in Claymore Tri, and is the sixth largest metropolitian area in Northern Delongo. A resident of Dimin is known as a Diminite. 

Delongo's historic growth was due to being the only permitted settlement of the Rupertland Empire on the Delongo Base, or what was called Tri Island. It's Pre-Blix population peak was in the 1440s, with a population estimated to be around 100,000. It would reach it's lowest in 1809 with 17,000. Once Rupertland was conquered by Blix, the city's population began to slowly grow with Blixian settlement. It also became a large hotel town, as a stop between Matewood and New London, and Matewood and South Blix. 

Today, Dimin is home to the third-largest oil industry in Delongo, thanks to the Tri Lake Oil Deposits. It has also become one of the largest cultural centres in North-East Delongo. It has recently become a major-tourist attraction with recent attention going to Euylize and Rupertland history. In 2012, The Delongonian Magazine placed it on it's Places to Visit Before You Die list. 

In 2013 it celebrated it's 710th birthday.


First Settlement

When the Rupertland people came to Blix Island (or Tri Island) in 1303, they wanted to get as far away from England as possible, so they decided to move westward. They settled in various places for only one night at a time. However, when they were going through the Dimin Rocks, they became incredibly exhausted of a combination of heat and a very difficult terrain. They were lucky to have found Tri Lake. They settled on an area now known as First Settlement Park, which was right next to the lake.

While in this place, which was called Dimin, as in the word Diminish, they decided that they would elect a leader. This man's family would forever hold the throne of their people. It was decided that a man by the name of Rupert Hawk had the best reputation and leadership skills, which would hopefully be passed on. He was 24 at the time of his election, and had no children.

King Rupert insists that they must continue north-westward until the reach the other side of the lake, and then see what it holds. But there is division among the group. Many are still tired after the month of settlement, and decided that they which to stay in Dimin. This upsets King Rupert, but he is advised to allow it, and to create Dimin as a proxy. He reluctantly agrees, and 300 people are permitted to stay, out of the 10000.