Announcement of Bid

On July 7, 2005 the Earth's Got Talent International Organization Commitee (EGTI) announced that Earthian CC, which would be taking place in 2013, would be the final Earth's Got Talent. Their reasoning was that the event was becoming too large to host.

They said that bids for the 2013 Earthian would need to be submitted for November 31, 2005.

Bid Submissions

City EGTI Status
New York, US

Los Angeles, US

Las Vegas, US

Jacksonville, US Denied (pre-draw)
Toronto, CANADA
London, UK
Beijing, CHINA
South Blix, DELONGO
Vancouver, CANADA
Hong Kong, CHINA
Sydney, AUS

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL Denied (pre-draw)
Mexico, MEXICO

Chicago, US
Moscow, RUSSIA

SOUTH AFRICA (country-submission)
Ediburgh, UK

Toyko, JAPAN
Fukoshima, JAPAN
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
San Francisco, US
Madrid, SPAIN
Stockholm, SWEDEN

South Matewood, DELONGO
P'yongyang, NORTH KOREA Denied (pre-draw)
Calgary, CANADA Denied (pre-draw)
Tampa, US Denied (pre-draw)
Indianopolis, US

Denied (pre-draw)

28 cities were accepted into the first draft. 5 cities were denied access into the draft,

Second Draft

The EGTI, to much controversy announced that they Second Draft would be decided by a lottery. All of th cities in the second draft woul be visited by the EGTI.

On New Year's Eve 2005, they posted the cities onto their website that had been accepted into the Second Draft. They posted it in a video, to avoid suspision.


Los Angeles
Las Vegas
South Blix
Hong Kong
San Francisco


In April 2006, the cities would all be vistied by the EGTI. The Third Draft would be announced on May 20, 2006. The visit needed to take in the culture, language, personality and enviroment of the proposed city.

Third Draft

The third draft was announced in West New London on May 20, 2006.

Los Angeles; for their fantastic entertainment culture
Las Vegas; for an amazing tourist culture
South Blix; for a stunning city and peoples
Sydney; for a beautiful location
San Francisco; for the tech and peoples

Many analysts decided that the United States would definitly win Eathian CC. The cities of the thrid draft would be visited once more by the EGTI. This time, the visit would be concerned about the proposed venues/locations, but primarily the atmosphere/culture, The cities would be visited at random, and (idealy) no one would no when they visit.

Each city would recieve a score from 1-100, the two cities with the highest scores would make the fourth draft.

Fourth Draft

On September 30, 2006 the EGTI announced the fourth draft contenders.

San Francisco; for the new industry
South Blix; for the culture

The cities would be visited once more, but the visit would be public knowledge.The EGTI gave each city a major goal.

San Francisco was asked to work on improving gun laws. South Blix was asked to work on imprvoing third-class areas.

South Blix did "great". San Francisco did "next to nothing". The mayor of San Francisco blamed the US Government, because it is federal laws.

South Blix 2013

On New Year's Eve 2006, the EGTI announced that South Blix would host the final Earth's Got Talent in 2013. South Blix won the vote 176 to 14.