Greater Clifton is one of the world's leading tourist destinations. It is home to some of the world's largest resorts and amusement parks. Every year it recieves over 54 million tourists, while th Greater Clifton region only has 273,500 residents, so in order to fufill demand for employees, many people from the UBA are hired, as it is a regular commute. Over 90% of Clifton's tourists visit only during Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.

Clifton Valley has been called the "meeting place" for Sienfielders, Blixians, Nouvelle Montrealers, and Coastowners, as it is regular for residents of these places to drive to Clifton during weekends and summer vacations. According the StatsDEL the primary source of tourists were from the Exterior UBA (including the Iconic Region, Osaka, Oara Shi, Ahmadabad, etc.), followed by the Région Ritzien, Oceanview, the

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The Clifton region exists in one of only two major heat bubbles, the other being in New Adimoore. This allows for up to 10 months of warm weather. Lyland was originally settled because of the agricultural benefits of this land, however, now it is a popular tourist destination, and almost no farms exist, as they have been replaced by New Adimoores'.


The Greater Clifton region has hundreds, possibly thousands of attractions within its region.

  • Clifton Valley's Newland Gala: Home to one of the world's largest gambling regions.
  • Clifton Valley's Newland Spectacualr: Home to a massive entertainment street, often comared to the likes of Broadway.
  • Lyland: One of the oldest towns in Delongo, over 75% of its buildings are built from prior to the 1700s. It is a World Heritage Site.
  • Disneyland Clifton: A massive Disneyland, one of the world's largest.
  • Clifton Universal Resort: Home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and more.
  • Mount Clifton Provincial Park: A popular destination for trail-hunters and mountain bikers.
  • Delongo's South-Tropics National Park: A microclimate that is considered by many to be a rainforest.
  • Clifton Valley International Speedway
  • Merlin Amusment Park
  • Sea Springs Family Park
  • The Clifton Zoo: One of the largest zoos in Delongo.
  • Six Flags Clifton and Six Flags Hurricane Harbour: Massively popular amusment parks.
  • Clifton Lake International Golf Course
  • Lyland Exhibition Park
  • Delongo's Largest Corn Maze
  • Legoland Delongo
  • SeaWorld Clifton
  • River Park and Resort
  • Clifton Valley Lookout Resort
  • Lake Yuon and South Tropics Lake: Popular, warm beaches for 8 months of the year.