Since the car was introduced, South Blix has been home to some of the world's most innovative highways and roads. Today it is estimated that 1000s of kilometers of pavement exists on South Blix Island alone.

The first highway to leave South Blix Island was the Highway 1, which was connected to South Blix Island in 1954, and was one of the longest and widest bridges in the world at that time. Today, it carries Highway 4. Another bridge whcih would connect West Blix to the Delongo Base, which would for the first time allow a road to go uninterrupted to South Blix, was built in 1959. By 1985, more commuters drove to South Blix then took any other form of transit. Today, on average, three to six new bridges open across the Blixian Grand Port annually. Now, cars, trucks, rail (includng trains, subway trains, light-rail trains), and pedestrians can cross the Blixian Grand Port.

Today, the South Blix road network is one of the most-widely praised in the world.

List of Highways

Route From To Formed
KGW 1 Tonnewii, SB Borderton,QB 2007
KGW 10 Beckerham, SB Coasttown, LF 2011
KGW 53 Manlieu, SB Ferry Hills, VB 2006
KGW 60 Bankshire, SB Coasttown, LF 2012
KGW 100 East Tip, SB Westingham, SB 2013
QVW 1 Downeast, SB East Blix, QB 1983
QVW 111 Hachioji, SB West New London, IT 1985
QVW 200 Marci Square, SB Mindon, RB 1980
QVW 382 Poplar, SB Kingview, IT 1979
QVW 410 Park Beach, SB Delongonian Guard, SB 1990
EXPW 1 Sengkeng, SB Beckerham, SB 1950
EXPW 2 Park Beach, SB Knottip, SB 1963
EXPW 2230 Guangzhou Xin, QB Lexdemole, SB 2004
ET-90 East Blix, QB Kingsfort, SB 2003
HWY 2 West Blix, QB
HWY 4 New Calgary, QB Southwark, SB 1959
HWY 17 Nottingham, QB Sengkong,SB 2000
HWY 700
HWY 701
HWY 703
HWY 705
HWY 706
HWY 707