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|Equatorian Regional Hospital - Galápagos
|Equatorian Regional Hospital - LeMoyne
|Equatorian Regional Hospital - LeMoyne

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This is a list of hospitals in the city of Blix.

BGH = Blix General Hospital Network

BIHN = Blix Islamic Health Network MSHSC = Marci Square Health Sciences Centre

National = People's Ministry Health Department

QBCI = Quad Blix Cancer Institute

QBCH = Quad Blix Catholic Health

QBCN = Quad Blix Children's Health Network

QBPsy = Quad Blix Psychiatric Health Network

Westly Edit

Hospital Location Category, Affiliations Affiliated Boroughs Network Established
BGH - Southwark Southwark L1, CUSB Southwark BGH
Bukit Health Centre 1414 High St., Bukit L2 Bukit, Westingham 1834
Dr. Zahad Hospital Bukit L2 Bukit B.I.H.N.
Highdon Hospital Highdon L2 Highdon
Mjr. Campbell Memorial Hospital 4770 Dovetail Rd. L2 Huffington 1972
New Kensington Mental Health Centre New Kensington Psy New Kensington QBPsy
Northwark Borough Hospital Northwark L2 Northwark
Kensington Regional Health Centre 7730 Regent St., New Kensington L1 New Kensington, Northwark, Highdon, Westview 1963
Park Beach Borough Hospital Park Beach L2 Park Beach
Seng Keng Cancer Centre Seng Keng Seng Keng Quad Blix Cancer Institute (QBCI)
Seng Keng Regional Health Centre (BGH) 144 Biao St. L1, PUQB Seng Keng, Westview, Highdon BGH 1950
Seng Keng Psychiatric Centre Seng Keng Psy Westly Quarter QBPsy
St. Mary's Hospital 7120 St. Mary St. L2 Park Beach, Lesterham, Southwark, QBCH 1825
St. Peter's Hospital Lesterham L2 Blix Presbyterian
Westingham Health Centre Westingham L2 Westingham
Westly Children's Hospital Seng Keng Westly Quarter QBCN
West Psychiatric Hospital West Psy West QBPsy

Northly Edit

Hospital Location Category Service Area Network Established
Allhalon Hospital Allhalon L2 Allhalon
Alphabet City General Hospital L2, PUQB Kingsfort, Knottip
Appalachio Cancer Centre Marci Sq. QBCI
Appa General Hospital L2, PUQB Marci Sq. (UNE) MSHSC
Beckerham Psychiatric Institute Psy QBPsy
BGH - Arcachon L1, CUSB Beckerham, Bedok, Marci Sq. (LNW) BGH 2020
BGH - Avitus L1, B.U. Allhallon, Poplar, Marci Sq. (LSE) BGH 1840
BGH - Knottip Knottip L1, Global Blix Knottip BGH
BGH - New South Triangle L1, USB Marci Sq. (UNE) BGH 1955
BGH - Upperwest Marci L1, PUQB Marci Sq. (W) BGH 1973
BGH - Inlet General L1, Bernard White Wall, Bankshire BGH 1815
Blix Children's Hospital in Marci Sq. B.U. Marci Square QBCN
Blixian People's Mental Health Centre Psy National National, QBPsy (partner)
Blix Jewish General Hospital L2, B.U. Bankshire 1935
Dr. Gomez Mental Health Centre Marci Sq. Psy QBPsy
Dr. Hassad Islamic Health Centre Beckerham Beckerham B.I.H.N.
Fahad Hospital Marci Sq. B.I.H.N.
Hockley Health Centre L2 Hockley, Bedok
Hôpital Gascogne L2 Beckerham, Bankshire
Marci Square Health Sciences Centre L1, Bernard Marci Sq. MSHSC 1932
Meiji Hospital L2, Meiji Marci Sq., Allhallon MSHSC
St. Anthony Hospital L2 Bankshire QBCH
St. Lawrence Hospital L2 Poplar Blix Presbyterian
St. Mark Hospital L2 Hockley, Knottip QBCH
Soho General Hospital Marci Sq. L2, USB Marci Sq. MSHSC 1957
Tsurami Health Centre L2 Beckerham, West
Upper East Marci Mental Health Centre Marci Sq. Z, B.U. National, Northly QBPsy 2006
Watson Memorial Hospital L2 Beckerham

Equatorial Edit

Equatorial had until the 1920s been served almost exclusively by the Hôpital Sacre-Coeur de Blixe, which served Catholics across the city, with many Catholic patients coming from across the entire peninsula for the hospital's excellent capabilities. The 1920s brought about a massive influx to the city, and so the Equatorial Psychiatric Hospital was soon needed and practiced a diverse range of practices, some of which would be considered unethical today. The region would need a southern hospital to supplement the Blix Heights Hospital which served the Heights exclusively. In 1929, Blix Heights professionals sought to develop the most advanced hospital in the nation and so developed BHRSH, which would finally open up the Heights' excellent healthcare to the rest of the city. It would be the considered the most advanced hospital in the nation until the development of the National system in the late 2000s.

Hospital Location Category Service Area Network Est.
BGH - Hachioji L1, CUSB Hachioji BGH 1930
BGH - Manlieu General Hospital Manlieu L1, MCC Manlieu BGH 2005
BGH - Parkside Equatorian L1 Equatorian BGH 1990
Blix Heights Hospital Blix Heights L2, N.Atl.U Blix Heights, Rochester Ex. 1818
Blix Heights Regional Specialised Health Centre (BHRSH) Blix Heights Blix (esp. Equatorial & Eastly) 1929
Draveford Health Institute Draveford L2 B.I.H.N
Draveford Community Health Centre Draveford L1, Dumezweni Draveford, Mandleton 1933
Equatorial Psychiatric Hospital Equatorian Psy QBPsy 1930
Equatorian Regional Hospital - Main Equatorian L1 Equatorian ERH 1986
Equatorian Regional Hospital - Galápagos Equatorian L2 Equatorian ERH 1960
Equatorian Regional Hospital - LeMoyne Equatorian L2 ERH 1999
Equatorian Regional Hospital - Ulysses Equatorian L2 ERH 1970
Equatorian Cancer Centre Equatorian ERH, QBCI
Hachioji Health Centre Hachioji L2 Hachioji 1994
Hôpital Sacre-Coeur de Blixe L1 Belvedere, Grand Laurier QBCH 1840
Hôpital Ste-Marie L2 Grand Laurier, The Lorx QBCH 1893
Freire Hospital Upper Lorx, The Lorx L2 The Lorx 2002
Lorx Institute The Lorx Psy The Lorx QBPsy 1943
Mao Zedong Hospital L2 Manlieu 1960
Manlieu Regional Children's Hospital Manlieu QBCN
Manlieu Psychiatric Hospital Psy QBPsy 2005
People's National Hospital - Blix Peninsula 4340 Esplanade, The Lorx L1* Blix Peninsula Megaregion National 2012

Eastly Edit

Hospital Location Category Service Area Network Est.
BGH - Southeast Institute Southeast L2 BGH
Blix Presbyterian Hospital L1, CUSB Bighton, Mandleton, Mideast, Laurson, Tonnewii Blix Presbyterian 1846
Blix Presbyterian Cancer Centre Blix Presbyterian, QBCI
East Hospital L2 Easttip, Borderton, Lasin League 1904
Eastly Consolidated Hospital L1 Étos, Lexdemole, Tonnewii, Lasin League, Delongonian Guard 1999
Eclipse Regional Health Centre L2 Eclipse
Eastly Quadtorial Mental Health Centre Murphson Psy QBPsy
HONE (Hospital of the North East) Upeast L2 Northtip, Upeast, Eclipse 1921
Lasin League St. Anthony Hospital L2 QBCH
Mideast Borough Hospital L2
Murphson Community Hospital L1 Murphson 1944
Murphson Children's Hospital Murphson QBCN
Murphson Cancer Centre Murphson QBCI
Tonnewii Health Centre Tonnewii L2 Tonnewii

Islands Edit

West Blix Edit

Hospital Location Category Service Area Network Est.
BGH - West Blix General Hospital Downtown WB L1, PUQB Eastern WB BGH
Hôpital de Guy Île-Guy L2 Île-Guy
Ronald Kay Blix Memorial Hospital The Zubee L1, UWB Western WB
Saint Catherine Hospital Fieldside L2 Fieldside-SouthField QBCH
West Blix Cancer Centre QBCI
West Blix Psychiatric Hospital Downtown WB Psy QBPsy

Scorch Island Edit

Hospital Location Category Service Area Network Est.
BGH - Scorch Island General Hospital L1 Scorch Island BGH
St. Francis Xavier Hospital L2 QBCH
Scorch Island Institute for the Mentally Ill Psy QBPsy

Other Islands Edit

Hospital Location Category Service Area Network Est.
BGH - New Rocket Island Health Centre Rocket Island L1 Rocket Island BGH 2020
Bridge Island Hospital Bridge Island L1 1910
Rocket Island Cancer Centre Rocket Island QBCI
Rocket Island Hospital Rocket Island L1 Rocket Island 1908
St. Mark Health Centre Bridge Island L2 QBCH
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