Buckingham Palace

Waldren Palace on the Independence Toll with the Blix Memorial. It is the street that wraps around the palace.

The Independence Toll in West New London is one of the most famous streets in the world, the oldest street on the Delongo Base, and is what the province of the same name is named after. It is consistently ranked as one of the most popular and beautiful streets in the world. It is well known for hosting the Waldren Palace, which is the official residence of the President of Delongo, and for connecting the Socialism Bridge and the Ronald Kay Bridge, which both cross the New Thames River.

In 2012, The Delongonian named Independence Toll as the number one street that all Delongonians should drive, followed by Soleil Blvd. in South Blix and the Delongo Mall, which is connected to the Independece Toll. The Delongo Mall, which was orginally called the New Land Mall, was created along with the Ruberta II Arch in 1717. The iconic Waldren region was not built until the 1800s. 

Despite its name, it is not a toll road, all though when it was created in the 1400s, it was. The road was created as a place to surrond the new Waldren Palace that would be the King's residence in New Land, as all nations of the Rupertland Empire required a residence for the King. The Waldren Palace was burnt down in 1700, and was replaced by 1714. It was nearly burnt down during the Fires of New London, but was saved by Rupertland forces. Waldren Palace is said to be the inspiration for Buckingham Palace in London, UK. The toll for the road was removed in 1703, by request of the monarch. The road is 200 meters long, and is 4-6 lanes wide. The only roads that intersect it are George III Avenue, the Delongo Mall, and George IV Blvd.