Jala is one of the major cities in the Urban Blix Area, and is one of the top 25 largest cities in Delongo with a rapidly growing population of over 2,430,000 and part of an urban area of over 214,400,000. It is the largest commercial hub on the Blixian Peninsula south of Nouvelle Montréal Sud.

Jala is the seat of the Jalaian County, one of the most ethinically diverse on the Delongo Base with over 84% visible minorities. Jala has recently developed as a global city since the 2000s Blixian Base Shift, and since the massive Jala Harbour project began.

The city was first settled as a part of East Blix in the mid-1800s. It seperated from East Blix in 1910, and became the city of Staed. In 1940 it seperated to be a part of the new city of Colov. In 1976 it became its own city: Jala.

Jala Harbour

Originally Jala was entirely suburban, with primarily low-wealth residents. It was like this until the 1930s when Jala began to rapidbly grow thanks to development in South Blix, that finally began to benefit Delongo Base communities. Until 2000, the Jala Harbour was a major trade centre, with train stations and piers and a major cargo airport. By 2000, after the GBD, the Harbour was in disrepair and could not be sustained, while it also lowered quality of life due to its poor condition. In 2000, Ryan Rowling's government decided to begin developing the land immeadiately. Today the Jala Harbour has developed into a major skyline, one of the most recognizable in the world. It has developed into a major cultural and economic hub of the entire UBA and Delongo. It has also developed a major student population, along with a very large professional population.