Jean Valjean Park (Officially: Parc du Jean Valjean; Originally: West Strait Green) is a major park located in the Urban Blix Area surronded by the cities of East Blix, New Calgary, Staed, Colov, and Jala. It is the largest park in the UBA (exlcuding the green belts), and one of the largest in the world at over 18000 ha. The park has a major river, the Valjean River, flowing through it feeding its many lakes.

The park has become one of the most popular urban parks in the country, attracting over a hundred thousand people daily, and up to 750,000 people on weekends. The park is primarily for residents of the region, as opposed to tourists. Multiple major arterial roads and highways run through the park vertically.


Ronald Kay Blix has proposed that the enitrety of the South Blix Island be developed by 1930, and that the Delongo Base portion of the UBA be reserved for parks, knowing that the technology for longer bridges to cross the strait was inevitable. He declared that the region from the West Strait to the Iconic Region be a park, and he called it the West Strait Green. After his death, major developments began in the area, so the park was significantly reduced, allowing for larger cities such as Staed and Colov to develop further. In 1929 the waterfront portion of the park was controverisally given up to East Blix, and the park was reduced to its current levels