The Joshua Weller Prize for Excellence in Journalism is one of the most prestigious awards for journalism in the world. It is awarded annually to the person who is considered to be the best journalist of the year by a coalition of a jury consisting of twenty journalists and ex-journalists, twenty-five significant figures (MPs, Senators, etc.) and four representatives from each of the top five journalist schools: Blix University, Capital University, City University New London, Royal University of Hampton, and Université Français à Vue Baie. Prizes are awarded on 20 January of the following year on a rotating schedule at each university. The prize was established three years after Joshua Weller's death (in a car crash with his wife and family of six) in 1985. It was not until 2000 when the Joshua Weller Foundation began to consider French journalism, in partnership with the Université Français à Vue Baie.

The Joshua Weller is meant for best journalism (including all mediums: photography, documentary, etc.). Other prizes are awarded as well. The JW prize includes a lump sum $100,000 for the author, $80,000 for the journalistic institution (I/A), and $200,000 paid over a period of ten years for the author. Winners are often recipients of many dozens of job offers.

Amy Weller Prize for Excellence in Art, Elizabeth Weller Prize for Excellence in Photographical Journalism, David Weller Prize for Excellence in Editorials, Anna Weller Prize for Excellence in Television Journalism, Roger Weller Prize for Excellence in Radio Journalism, Tamara Weller Prize for Excellence in Newspaper Journalism, Yvonne Weller Prize for Excellence in Journalistic Design, Tessa Lang Prize for Excellence in Local Journalism, Sandra Wynne Prize for Excellence in Digital Journalism, Mari Weller Prize for Excellence in Writing.

Year Journalistic Institution (I/A) Winner Piece/Coverage Awarded at
2019 news.del Lynn Imadabad Writings: Foreign hacking attacks against the PDRD Hampton
2018 The Worker of the PDRD Josée Gavant Writings: Labour Union Scandal Exposure CUNL
2017 Journal de Notre Péninsule Jean-Pierre Lalande Writings: Federal election coverage Blix
2016 the new Left Avenue (UBA) Desmond Oi Opinion Pieces: The Rebirth of Populist Fascism; Disillusionment: The Inevitability of Neoliberalism; Black Lives Matter and the People's Culpability; others. Capital
2015 Blix Times, and others Quinton Harrison Opinion Pieces: Lifetime Achievement UFVB
2014 Waldren Report Harold Lincoln Hammerworth Series: War on Capitalism Hampton
2013 OTD (DBC) Jean Pierre Hollande TV Piece: Tri Party Scandal CUNL
2012 Globe Interest Bi-Tui Zhang Writings: Post-East Nimbus Calc Explosion Blix
2011 Globe Interest Laura Phillis Writings; Ryan Rowling Shooting Capital
2010 Blix Times Laura Phillis Writings: Hon. Elijah Jackson Murder/Car Crash Investigation UFVB
2009 Times of Soleil Blvd. Laura Phillis Writings: I-77 Corruption Scandal Hampton
2008 Journal Nouvelle Montréalais Emilie Marchand Writings: Vue Baie Election and Premier Josée Court Trial CUNL
2007 Newland Reporter Katie Lee Writings: South Blix Election Blix
2006 CTM (WWBC) Annabelle Délores TV Piece: À la Mode: New Londonism and Nouvelle Montréal- Shifting Culture Capital
2005 Journal de Notre Péninsule Timothy Lang Writings: Vue Baie-UBA Intergovernmental Conflict UFVB
2004 Justalign Papers Norman Mahendrarajah Special Series: "Five Years On: The Great Blix Depression" Hampton
2003 Newland Reporter Simone Day Writings: Iraq Conflict Coverage CUNL
2002 The Delongonian Joshua Zekeson Photographical Essay: "The unseen impacts of Climate Change" Blix
2001 Newland Reporter Lesley Davis Piece: Post- September 11 Attack Analysis Capital
2000 Soleil and Waterloo Simone Day Piece: Ryan Rowling Analysis UFVB
1999 WWBC Terry House TV Piece: "Scandal of the Millennium: Scorch Bank and Outnyleon." Hampton
1998 Newland Reporter Margaret Smith Writings: Blix Separation Crisis CUNL
1997 Tiku Productions Terry House and Bill Tsui Documentary: "Great Blix North: Genocide" Blix
1996 Blix Times Laurie Hughes Writings: Qana Massacre Capital
1995 Sunday Times of Ministry Avenue Donald Francis Piece: New London River Pollution Hampton
1994 King's Briefing Kenzie Adnan Opinion Pieces: "Rupertland's Monarchs Have Got to Go" CUNL
1993 Newland Reporter Alexander MacLennan Series: Human impact of the Depression Blix
1992 BTV Sarah Coles TV Breaking News Coverage: USB Shooting Capital
1991 Oilman Herald Ronald Andropov Writings: Oilman's Forced Isolationism- Past, Present, Future Hampton
1990 King's Briefing Amanda Cross Writings: Refugees in Blix CUNL
1989 Blockton Morning Daily Margaret Smith Writings: Blockton Mayoral Expenses Scandal Blix
1988 The Delongonian Uma Wong Photographical Essay: Changing Cityscapes Capital
1987 Globe Interest Yyklov Novenkov Writings: "Where the USSR is headed" Hampton
1986 Blix Times Austin Blanco Sports Coverage: 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico CUNL
1985 Newland Reporter Sandra Wynne Writings: "Who is Mikhail Gorbachev?" Blix
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