The official languages of Delongo are Arabic, Mandarin, English, French, Cantonese, and Euylizean (extinct, honourary official language). There are many recognized languages including Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, and others.


Rupertland was historically settled by English speakers, but their language developed differently than English would. Rupertland has always been linguistically diverse, French was the lingua franca of Emileville (La Vistaianique) until the early 1900s. Westland has sustained small Welsh and Irish populations in Westland (St. Patrick's, which is east of Westampton grew into a major Irish community. Welsh people settled in Westampton.) Rupertland city historically has been mostly English, but since the early 1900s it has become tremendously linguistically diverse due to immigration.

Vue Baie is known as a French-speaking province. Ronald Kay Blix(e) spoke English fluently and would learn French in school. His father's parents were French (the 'e' in Blixe was dropped by RKB when he emigrated to Blix). Marci Ann Blix (née Marcella Ann de la Grange) spoke French, English, and some Arabic. Vue Baie's northern end was linguistically diverse, with Murdoch and Mt. Zion being mostly Latin until the 1700s when they began to speak English. In the 1950s, French would grow in these northern English cities which had been established during the height of the Newland Empire.

In southern Vue Baie, there has been a strong Italian population. La regione di Paradiso was named by an Italian community which had developed in Paradiso, but which would be supplemented by a Spanish and Portuguese influx in the 1920s and 1950s from Latin America. In the 1940s a significant number of Spanish speakers would come from Spain as well. Today Italian remains the main language spoken in la regione di Paradiso. The rest of the province, from les Collines-Anglos to les Monts-Franco is dominated by French.

Blix has historically been French, but since the 1920s it has been using English as the primary lingua franca.

Languages by Fluency

Language Population % Notes
-- 540,770,000 100% Total pop.
English 340,683,390 63%
Arabic 124,377,100 23%
Mandarin 103,000,000 19%
French 89,029,540 16.5%
Cantonese 68,576,890 12.6%
Japanese 51,460,035 9.4%
Punjabi 47,014,770 8.7%
Hindi 43,547,611 7.9%
Bengali 43,080,452 7.8%
Portugese 40,124,240 7.4%
Russian 35,233,710 6.5%


Spanish 30,343,180 5.5%
Wu 26,452,650 4.8%
Malay 22,029,279 4%
Korean 20,562,120 3.7%
Vietnamese 15,671,590 2.9%
Telugu 10,500,000 1.9%

Other languages

79,292,268 14.7%