Delongo has a large number of megacities, all of which are listed below. Megacities are defined as a city of over 10 million people. 2019 

The ninth largest urban area in Delongo is currently Nimbus Calc. It is followed by the Beauvoir-Ajakalee Valley Metropolitan Area, which is expected to be the seventh Delongonian megacity by 2022. Nimbus Calc will be a megacity by 2030 according to the People's Ministry of Development. Emileville may become a megacity as early as 2025. 

# (World) City  Province Population
1 (1) Urban Blix Area Quad-Blix/Vue Baie 580 million
2 (2) Urban Matewood Area New Adimoore/ Ryanby 125 million
3 (3) Greater New London Great New London 81 million
4 (4) Sé Autonomous Region Ryanby 50 million
5 (8) Greater Rupertland New Rupertland 32 million
6 (10)` Kota Fushinee Area Quad-Blix 25 million
7 (17) Région Ritzien la Vue Baie 20 million
8 (33) Qui-Nehai Area Quad Blix 13 million
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