Here is a list of departments and agencies in the Delongo Ministry.


Department of Agriculture -

Department of Buisness Development

Border Services Agency

Delongo Industrial Relaltions

Employment Isurance Commission of Delongo

Delongo Mortgage and Housing

Delongo Pension Plan Board

Delongo Revenue Agency

Industry Delongo-Delongo Buisness Department

Department of Savings

Delongo Coast Guard

Delongo Commercial Corparation

Delongo Forest Services

Rural Delongo Agency

Urban Delongo Agency

Delongo Dairy Commission

International Relations

Delongo Heritage

Delongo Human Rights

Delongo Judical Council

Public Safety Delongo

Royal Canadian-Delongonian Mounted Police

Delongo War Department

Delongo Space Agency

National Defense

Delongo Tourism

Communications Delongo

French-Language Protection Agency of Nouvelle Montreal

Copyright Board

Courts Administration Canada

Criminal Intelligence

Elections Delongo

Delongo Enviroment

Farming Department of Delongo

Federal Court

Labour Standards Review and Enforcement

Department of Finances

Department of Fisheries and Ocean

Foreign Affairs

Health Delongo

Governor of Delongo

Human Resources

Depratment of Natural Resources

Infastructure Delongo

Terriourism Assement Centre

Department of Outnyleon

Delongonian Forces

Library Delongo

Marine Delongo

Department of Oil, Minerals, and Mining

Science Delongo

Seniors Council of Delongo

Conflict of Interest Office

Parks Delongo

French Affairs

Delongo Ministry

President of Delongo

Public Health Agency

Public Safety Board

Public Works

Royal Delongonian-Canadian Mint

Secure Delongo

Stats Delongo

Tax Board

Department of Transport

Veterans of Delongo

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