List of tallest things in South Blix

Rank Building Height Floors Year Use and information
1 Luxing'hier Tower 1007m (not including Blix Mall) 175 2013 Mixed-use. Located on top of the Blix Mall.
2 Blixium Soleil Building 900m 160 2010 Blixium-use. Located at the Blixium Complex on Soleil Blvd.
3 Blixium Twins 875m, 875m 159 2012 Twin Towers for Blixium use, primarily Innovation-focused.
4 The Heights Observer 850m 7 2010 An observation tower located on Blix Heights. Because of its location, it appears taller than all of the other towers in South Blix.
5 West Bridge 825m 1 2004 A land bridge to transport vehicles over the Western Island. It runs from Welcome St. to Soleil Blvd./Rochester Ave. Roundabout.
6 Scorch Bank Tower 823m 160 2006 A tower located on Scorch Island. It is the headquaters for the Scorch Bank.
7 WWBC Quadruplets 800m 150 2000 Four towers locted at each corner of the WWBC complex.
8 Hardy Building 700m 130 1957 A residential building for Blix University. Renovated in 2008.
9 Oprah Tower


100 1999 A commercial building named after Oprah Winfrey.
10 Central Square 650m varies 1939 A massive commerical builing, located in Marci Square
11 Blix Times HQ 645m 120 2003 The international headquarters for the Blix Times is located here.
12 Newland Reporter Building 630m 119 2001 The South Blix Bureau of the Newland Reporter is located here, as well as many large commericial buisnesses.
13 Blix University Triumph Tower 600m 145 1972
14 Clock Tower 550m 7 1868 Originally 40m, however it was renovated many times to new heights, always keeping the classic design.
15 The Diamond 500m 100 2013 Used by the Delongo Board Organization
16 DBO South Building 450m 130 2010 Used by the Delongo Board Organization
17 Innovation Tower 442m 127 2008 A bTECK Tower.
18 Blix Mall North 440m 90 2013 Owned by Blixium.
19 Newland Mast 429m 3 1961 A radio and wireless service mast, with an observation deck.