Matewood Square is a new theatre located in the Southern Entertainment District of South Matewood . It was born as the centre piece of the UMA Renewel Project, which began its first phase in 2009. 


The UMA Renewel Project was formed to aide every city in the UMA in the early 21st century, and to complete the Great-Blix Depression recovery. The focus of the South Matewood Division would be to make SM reappealing to the entertainment industry, which has been moving towards Studio Hills. Therefore a massve focus was placed on the Northern/Southern/Kondorian Entertainment Districts. 

The UMARP understood that a new theatre would need to be construted in the Southern Entertainment District of South Matewood. They decided that this theatre should dominate SM's Lake Matewood skyline. They also decided that it should be in a unique shape, and should cater to an outdoor audience, as well as an indoor audience.

The orginal intent was to make the theatre's building taller than the Willace Films Tower (now the Films.DEL Tower), which was built in 2004, and is the tallest skyscrapper in New Adimoore Province. 

The City of South Matewood granted the project a massive piece of land in the centre of the Southern Entertainment District, "to construct the world's tallest, and most magnifient theatre". They were also given $299 million from the city. Previously, the land was used as the highly polluted and rarely used Epison Park, and the DBC South Matwood Bureau was located here, but was abandoned after the GBD. The Pakr would be replaced by Mason Square Park

Architect Davis Blanche was hired to design the theatre in March 2009. After he could not meet the time requirements of the project, he was replaced by Luxing'hier Architects. 

It was decided that the Square would be divided into a large 'X', representing the algebraic term "x", which can represent anything. The Ground level would simply be a stage, so that performers can be seen at any point in the Square. The other levels of the building would be used as both theatre management, and commercial. The underground levels would be used as a "Backstage" fillin. 

In Septemeber 2009, the concept of the theatre was released to the public at an event at the SM South Scotiabank Theatre. It would be the tallest building in the world, and dominate the skyline.

On November 23, 2009, it was announced that the funding was cut back signifigently, and they would not be able to even build the tallest building in South Matewood, let alone the world. They settled on being the 5th tallest building in South Matewood, 9th tallest in New Adimore. 

Construction would begin in April 2010.


Matewood Square was opened on December 31, 2012, with a New Year's Eve party. It was a tremendou success.