The media in Delongo is primarily state-owned as of 2014, however, the state is not allowed to interfere with what is published by the media. 

Effective 1 January 2014, the WWBC was disbanded by the Delongo Ministry due to corruption, crimes, and other serious offenses. Until that point the WWBC was the largest media organization in the world. Since then, ratings on Delongonian television have begun to shift to the crown corporation, DBC, even internationally, the reputation and ratings of the DBC are improving rapidly.

Media Centres in Delongo

The media in Delongo tends to be centred in one area in most cities. The following is a list of these areas.

Area City Primary News Purpose
Radio Boulevard West New London Politics, Multilingual National News
Waterloo South Blix Blixian, National, International News
New Trafalgar South Matewood Entertainment, Matewood News
Epoque  Studio Hills Entertainment News
Lorcester Vale Sienfield Financial News
Rubicam Nouvelle Montréal Sud French News
MacAllistar Square Foxton Foxton, Industry News
Westwark Avenue Rupertland City Rupertland News
Laneturf St.  Oilman Ryanby News