The New London Square is a project designed by Ronald Kay Blix in the 1800s, to illustrait New London's Govermental Power in not only Delongo, but the world.

The square is located in Central West New London. The square contains several key components, including the Delongo Ministry.

Meeting Square

The Meeting Square is a large outdoor meeting space, for large events. The square can hold up to 1.3 million people at any time.

The Meeting square is the host to the announcement of the each new President of Delongo, and Mayor of West New London. The President also makes major announcements in this square.

In May 2012, the carcuses of Nicholas Grey, Ryan Rowling, Ronald Kay Blix, Jonathan Sienfield, Lucas MacLennan, Riland Murphy, and Joanne Murphy were burnt by the Outyleon.

Public Square

The Public Square is a very popular square that can be accessed via the Fountains. In it's centre is a Triangle fountain. After going to the Meeting Square, the people of West New London can go here and celebrate/mourn etc.

The Fountains

The Fountains are the entrance to the New London Square. Here, are dozens of beautiful fountains, and pools of water, surronded by a hill of grass, and a long, tall cement wall.

Public Gardens

The Public Gardens can only be accessed via the Fountains. they are as the name suggests, gardens. Large gardens with very rare, and common plants from around the world. People can walk around the gardens as they please.

The Public Gardens are often booked for proms, dances and weddings.

The Statue of Peace

The Statue of Peace was another part of the New London Square that was designed by Ronald Kay Blix. It was one of the largest statues in the world,

In January 2010, it was found in official notes from Ronald Kay Blix, that this statue was put here in hopes for a different type of government, that the BRM did not approve of (likely communism, or a dictatorship). The statue was spontanusly set a fire on January 20th, 2010. An investigation was held, but later stopped by the Government.

In March 2010, plans were made to create a new Government building in it's place.