Northern Delongo is a major Delongnian region. It includes the entire provinces of Blix Meadows, Calclyn, Independance Toll. It also includes New Adimoore (All of it North of North Matewood), Claymore Tri (All of it North of the beginning of Tri Lake), Las Forstain (All of it North of Clifton/Lyland).

Northern Delongo is estimated to hold 57.2 million people. The regions does not include Justaling, as that is in the Arctic region of Delongo.


Northern Delongo is extremely cold. It is primarily in a sub-arctic climate. However, the farther east one goes, the warmer it is (this corresponds with the Gulf Stream). The average temperature in Winter is -23, and is 19 in Summer.

The region is very flat in the Western half of the region, with the exception of the Claymore and Sasin Mountains. In the Independance Toll it is primarily grain and farmlands. In New Adimoore it is forest, in Blix Meadows it is very mountainous.


The largest city in Northern Delongo is by far West New London (21.9 million in the city proper, and 44.4 million in the metro). The UNLA (Urban New London Area) is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world.

Other notable cities include Foxton (4.83 million), Sasin (6.3 million), New Vancouver (2.3 million), New Sienfield (2.7 million), Princess Diana Kingdom (1.2 million), and Nimbus Calc (3.8 million).