The Office of the President of the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo is one of the most powerful parts of the Delongonian Government. It holds the President's top political staff and advisors. It is a partisan office, as opposed to the non-partisan Office of the Queen`s Privy Council (OQPC). The office is located in multiple locations, but it is primarily located in Waldren Palace and in the Ground Floor of the South Tower of the Delongo Ministry (S-0). 

Members of the Office are appointed by the reigning monarch of Blix, Queen Elizabeth II and the reigning monarch of Rupertland, King Wifrid,  upon recommendation of the President. 


Role Executive
Chief of Staff to the PPDRD Quinton Harrison
Principal Secretary to the PPDRD Ali-Mumabi Hissi
Deputy Chief of Staff Alison Ray
Communications Director Geoff Applebaum
Deputy Secretary William Knight
Deputy Communications Director Ann Long
Press Secretary Sir Joseph Lee
Senior Counsellor Dame Ell Lu Kang
National Security Advisor from I-77 Lady Remma Pox
International Security Advisor from I-78 Josephine Wilts
Ambassador of the Prime Minister Tamara Wilkenson
Ambassador of the Governor General Yojelah Treehop
Executive of Intergovernmental Affairs Elijah Quess
Chief Political Strategist  Emile Ruberta
Executive for Administration Stuart Dickenson
Executive for the Environment Fugo Quinlington
Executive for the Economy Ya Yam Yam
Executive for Public Engagement Uuykle Debreeme
Chief Polling Consultant Testela Ling
Legislative Consultant Elizabeth Wong
Senior Legal Advisor Eleanor Tutu
Rupertland Advisor Joshua Clements