Oilman City


1.7 Million (2013)


Dan Harris

City Council

Oilman City Council; 16 City Avenue

Time Zone

Matewood Time (UTC-2)

Major Industries

Oil, Imports, Exports





Postal Code




Oilman (also known as Oilman City) is known as the founding city of the Blix Empire. It is the first non-Rupertland/Euylizean settlement on the Delongonian subcontinent. It is the largest and only settlement on Oilman Island. It was first settled by Yvonne Clické, a french oil expert, in 1707. In 1813, the Blixians arrived in Oilman and began their explorations of the Blix Island. 

Oilman recieved its name from its founder, Yvonne Clické, who found a way to slowly create crude oil. This 'recipe' has lead to billions being injected into the Oilman economy, and was one of the major reasons why the BRM didn't file bankruptcy during the Great Blix Depression. Oilman and Sienfield had developed a fantastic realtion since the 1910s, and Oilman's investments in Sienfield allowed Sienfield to be seen on the global stage. 

Today Oilman's previosuly rich and perfect soil and sand mix has been destroyed by the oil creation. The oil that was on the island was drained completely in 2004. Ever since, Alberta and the Tri Lake Oil Project have succeeded Oilman as oil producers. Oilman, once a prosperous city for Big Oil and Sienfield, with dozens of super-skyscrapers supporting the industry, has now become a wasteland for big oil. One of the most capitalist regions in the world is now a have-not region. In 2008, New Adimoore sold the Oilman Island to Ryanby. This deal is seen by Oilmaners as one of the most traitorious acts in Delongonian history. 

The largest industries in Oilman today are fisheries, customer support, service, electric work, and tourism.

Modern Oilman

In 2013, the Delongo Ministry announced that the Oilman Nuclear Power Plant would re-open after being closed in 2005. The massive power plant employs over 2,000 people permanently, and powers both Oilman and the Urban Matewood Area.


Ever since the 1930s, Oilman has suffered with terrible air quality due to a combination of factors: the oil plants, the coal plants, vehicle use, and the air pollution coming from the Urban Matewood Area.

The water surronding Oilman has become highly polluted. It has been declared dangerous, and possibly deadly to swim within 75km of Oilman Island since 2008.