The Oilman Bay (Baie Pétrolier, Baie Pétro. Baie de Notre Rivere Saint) is a major deep estuary that drains water from the Nouvelle Seine, West Sky River, Cobleham River, Sky River, and the Golden Rhyl River into the Ryan Bight and the Atlantic Ocean. The Bay was one of the first settlements of the Euylizeans (settlement called fielde) before moving back eastward to the Euylize Forest. It was also settled during the time of the Rupertland Empire, as a major port for the Newland nation. Ever since the Blixian Empire, the Oilman Bay has been a major settlement area. With Sienfield and Nouvelle Montréal being the largest urban areas. 


Fielde was a Euylizean settlement (present day: Vanier Island). It was quickly abandoned after flooding. In the 1600s, the Rupertlanders used Vanier Island (called Field) as a major port for Newland log harvesting on the Blixian Peninsula (then called the King's Peninsula). In 1630, the port caught fire and New Field (present day: Nouvelle Montréal) was strategically chosen so that the loggers could send their logs down the Nouvelle Seine to the port after the Sky River area was exhausted. The port was abandoned in the early 1800s, just before Nouvelle Montréal was settled.