The Dox River 2 km before it enters Outnyleon.

Operation Dox was an operation created by the BRM military in 1963, during the Second Outnyleon War. The Operation would cut-off the Outnyleon's only water source, the Dox River, which runs from the Tri Lake, all the way to Nimbus Calc. The Operation could not be carried out as the river was a prime fresh water source for the people of Nimbu Calc.


Ch7 pollution

The Dox River at it's immediate exit from Outnyleon. It is visibly polluted, likely from District Web.

On May 2nd, 1965 when the Outnyleon cut off the river at their boundaries, they created the Outnyleon Peinsula. The river's primary water source (Tri Lake) would not run down the Dox River, therefore the river would only be fed by trbutuaries.

On May 6th, 1965 as a counterattack, the Dox River was cut off entirely. Therefore Outnylon had lost its only water source. The people of Nimbus Calc lived off of the water that still flowed thorugh the river from the tribituaries.

Over the next few days, thousands of people died of dehydration. All of the people who died from dehydration were dropped over neighbouring city, Foxton, causing obvious issues. In particular with the tourists that were visiting the Claymore mountains

On May 20, 1965, the Outnyleon sent a letter to the Blixian Goverment requesting the river to be reopened. They threatened with atomic bomb action. The Blix Government ignored the letter. One week later, an atomic bomb was dropped over West New London suburbs. They continued to refuse to open the river. 


When Outnyleon declared a Cease-Fire, the terms included that the Dox River be reopened. Outnyleon suggested that they would allow the river to continue flowing to Nimbus Calc. In a surprising turn, the Blixian Government made it a term in the cease-fire for them to not re-open the river to Nimbus Calc. 

"We don't want the people of Nimbus Calc to become reliant to this river in case of future attacks" the Government told the Blixian people.