Quad-Blix Area


South Blix

Largest City

South Blix

Largest Metro

Island Metro Area

Official Languages





Delogonian City Standard


Eliza Hoggs

Federal Representation

In Delongonian Parliament


Ranked First; 275.5 Million

Time Zone

Blixian Time UTC -3

The Quad-Blix, primarly located in the South-West Corner of Delongo, is the most populated, and one of the largest provinces in Delongo. It has a population of over 275 million people.

The Quad-Blix is bordered by the Maple Strait to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Harbour View to the North and West, Claymore Tri to the North, and Ryanby to the North.

Quad-Blix was first established the the first president of Blix, Ronald Kay Blix.


The Quad-Blix Area is named for the four official Blixian Cities (exlcuding New Blix). Named Blix after the founder, Ronald Kay Blix.


South Blix (Main) Island is very flat, with few hills. However the south end of the island, where Rochester Ave. is located is well-known for it's kilometer drop. To access Rochester Ave, you must do so from a very long ramp (such as the Elliot Ramp) or through tunnel (such as the infamous Interuption St.). The drop streches over all of west side of the Island, but rises back to the "norm level" before it reaches the Island's split, which speartes the east and west sides of the city.

The Scorch Island can only be accessed by Express Subway, and by the Ryan Rowling Memorial Bridge which streches from Western South Blix to Nova Scotia. It is very hilly.

The West Blix Island is also flat, but contains many hills as well.

East and North Blix are fairly flat.