Religion in Delongo has been dominated by various forms of Christianity since the 1400s. Since the 19th century, religion in Delongo has been very diverse, and is today led by Atheism. Meanwhile, attendance in places of worship is on the rise after a long-period of minimal attendance during the latter-half Great Blix Depression.

During the time of the Rupertland Empire, all citizens were forced to participate in the Church of Rupert (Ruperism), which is a branch of Christianity. At its peak, the church had 110 million members around the world. Today the church has only 15 million adherents, but its impact on Delongonian society remains firm.

When the Blix Empire began, new religions were introduced to the people. Primarily Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. By the mid-20th century, no religion dominated, with major new religions being introduced to the region such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Atheism.

Census 2013 results

Religion Population %
No Religion 141,825,370 29
Agnosticism 92,920,070 19
Atheism 48,905,193 10
Other No Religion 12,450 0
Christianity 132,044,310 27
-Roman Catholic 48,905,200 10
-United 39,124,340 8
-Anglican 19,562,120 4
-Ruperism 14,671,000 3
-Other Protestant 9,781,049 2
Islam 112,482,190 23
-Liberal 102,701,130 21
-Other Islam 9,781,071 2
Hinduism 29,343,200 6
Buddhism 29,343,100 6
Sikhism 24,452,650 5
Judaism 14,671,590 3
Religion Not Stated 4,890,530 1