Rhyl is a major planned city, which is currently under development and construction by the Delongo Ministry, Couty of Rhyl, and the Quad Blix. The city will be able to hold as many as 2 million people by 2020, but currently only holds 13,400, which is primarily construction workers.

The city will become an economic powerhouse for Delongo, and will also become a major cultural and trade hub for the republic. The city is located on the Rhyl River, and was first settled since after its establishment by the Rupertland Empire in the 1500s. In 1815, all of its residents (over 16,000) were forced to resettle in Rupertland.

In 1924, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King unveiled plans to build a new megacity in Quad Blix but the project failed by the 1930s and only the roads were completed. The lands were owned by the federal government until the nation of Delongo was created, when they were transfered to the Delongo Ministry.