Earthian CCI (commonly referred to as Rupertland 2014, Earthian 2014, Rupertland Earthian 2014) is a major international competition taking place in Rupertland beginning in July 2014. It is one of the first Earthians since England 1926 to have spread out the events over multiple cities around the archipelagic region. Over 75% of the events will be taking place in the Rupertland metropolis.

Rupertland 2014 is the successor to South Blix 2013. It will be a predessor for Matewood 2015, New London 2016, Montréal 2017, Shanghai 2018, and Dimin 2019.

Host Selection

In December 2006, the Internation Earthian Commitee asked for potential bids for Earthian CCI. The Rupertland Archipelagic Region announced its bid, with the support of New London, Oceanview, and St. John's,NFLD. Rupertland was not intially seen as a strong contender until the New London Earthian Group backed the bid and helped it to bring Earthian to Rupertland.

City 1 2 3 4 Semi-Final Selected Host
Rupertland, PDRD
Kuala Lumpur, MALA E
Tokyo, JAPN E
New York City, USAM E
Dimin, PDRD E
South Matewood, PDRD E
Nouvelle Montréal Sud, PDRD E
Montréal, CANA E
Paris, FRAN E
Singapore, SING E
Shanghai, CHIN E
Seoul, SOKO E

Participating Nations

2800px-2012 Summer olympics team numbers.svg

Participating nations by team size.

The USA and Canada considered boycotting the event, until the IEO said that if they did, the would be banned from the next 5 Earthians. None have announced a boycott, and none are expected to. The boycotts were speculated to occur as a protest of Delongo's newly-installed socialism.


Rupertland City, Ruberta, Ips, and Emileville, in conjunction with the New Rupertland Government and the Delongo Ministry announced funding for multiple new venues.

Competitive Venues

Rupertland City Venues

In order to prevent White Elephants, the Rupertland 2014 Organizing Group has said that most of the stadiums will be downsized after Earthian CCI. Due to the incredible density of Rupertland City, most of the venues are scattered out throughout the city.

Venue Borough Events Capacity Open
Epicentre of the World Stadium Holyrood Opening, Closing, Athletics, Ice Hockey 470,000 2014
The Aquadome Lincoln All Aquatics 29,000 2013
The Braindome Rupert All Intelligence Events 24,000 2012
Talentdome Lincoln Talent in the arts 150,000 2014
Lacksbury Central Lacksbury Basketball 24,000 2012
Two Square Equestrial Centre Kindlite Equestrian 18,000 1740
Lincoln Tower Centre Lincoln Volleyball, Tennis, Archery, Badminton 20,000 2013
River Wye Complex Pompeii Rowing, Canoeing, Sailing 30,000 2013
193 671 City Street Lincoln Running, Marathon, n/a 2010
Lincoln Football Stadium Lincoln Football (Soccer) 62,000 2013
Skatedome New Soho Curling, Speed-skating 12,000 2012
Queen Ruberta I Coliseum Rupert Figure Skating 18,000 1802

Rupertland Metropolis

Venue Location Events Capacity Opened
New Paris Football Stadium New Paris Football (Soccer) 34,000 1982
King Buster Complex New Rome Martial Arts, Shooting 11,000 2009
Tonne City Dome Tonne Gymnastics 17,000 2011
Hockey Palace Intro Ice/Field Hockey 14,000 2012
Mount Rupert Centre Caps Mountain Biking 4,000 2010

Outside Rupertland

Venue Location Events Capacity Opened
Mount Rupert New Knottshire Freestyle/Alpine Skiing 15,000 2011
Mount Northingham Northingham-North Luge, Bobsleigh, Skeleton 20,000 2013
Mount Epicentral Emileville Ski jumping, Nordic-combined, Biathlon 10,000 2012
Mount Emile Emileville Cross-country skiing 10,000 2005
Crawley River Complex Ips Rowing, Canoeing, Sailing 13,000 2007
Crawley Sports Centre Ips Swimming, Track 14,000 2010
New Trent Complex Wrexham-on-New Trent Rowing, Sailing, Canoeing 16,000 2006
Ruberta Centre Ruberta Football (Soccer), Amer. Football 18,000 2013
Wrexham Centre Wrexham-on-New Trent American Football 20,000 2014
Ruberta Arts Centre Ruberta Arts 21,000 2010
Ruberta Science Centre Ruberta Intelligence 5,800 2011

Non-Competitive Venues

Venue Location Purpose Capacity Opened
Rupertland Media Complex Rupert, RC Media n/a


Planet Village New Soho,RC Residence 31,000 2014
River Wye Village Pompeii, RC Residence 18,000 2013
Holyrood Village Holyrood, RC Residence, Hotel 20,000 2014
Ruberta Media Centre Ruberta Media n/a 2014
Ruberta Eathian Village Ruberta Residence 6,000 2013
Emileville Harbour Village Emileville Residence 5,000 2012
New Knottshire Village New Knottshire Residence 2,000 2013
Ips Crawley Village Ips Residence, Hotel 6,000 2014
Emileville Media Centre Emileville Media n/a 2012
Northingham Village Northingham Media, Residence 3,000 2012


  • Major expansions to Rupertland Underground
  • Four new highways in the Rupertland metropolis
  • New terminal at King Rupert International Airport
  • Highway connecting Emileville, Northingham, and New Knottshire
  • Major regional expansions to rail
  • Expansions to existing highways