The Rupertland road scheme is a scheme used to classify and identify all roads in Rupertland. Each road is given a single letter, which represents the road's category, and a subsequent number, of 1 to 5 digits. Introduced to arrange funding allocations, the numbers soon became used on maps and as a method of navigation. Two sub-schemes exist: one for motorways, and another for non-motorway roads.

Naming scheme


The system is designed to be very similar to the UK's system. Rupertland is divided into several large zones, and the roads are assigned numbers from 0 or 1 to 99999. Often the first half of the 99999 numbers are for north-south, and the remainder is for west-east roads. Example: City Street, Rupertland City is Road 10, because it is in Zone 1 and is road 0, as decided by the Rupertland City Council and the Rupertland District Government. 


Zone Area Notes
1 RL: South-of-the-Wye Ends at the Rupertland City limits
2 RL: North-of-the-Wye Ends at the Rupertland City limits
3 RL: North-of-the-Wye Excluding RLC, ends at District border
4 RL: South-of-the-Wye Excluding RLC, ends at District border
5 EL: North & Ruberta Counties
6 EL: All Nation Excluding North and Ruberta counties
7 WL: All Nation
8 CL & Knotts County
9 JL & South County


Motorways are numbered based on their opening dates (i.e. the oldest motorway is 1). They are further divided by their category of importance (A, B, C, D, M levels), and are assigned a number.

Levels of Motorways

Level Signficance Covering
KGW The King George Way is a major Delongonian highway.  Delongo
QVW The Queen Victoria Way is a major Delongonian highway.  Delongo
HMM HMM-series highways are inter-urban highways with high traffic levels. (Her/His Majesty's Motorway) New RL
A A-series highways can be inter-urban highways, or can be major commuter highways.  New RL
B B-series highways are major commuter highways that remain in a single urban area.  RLAR
C C-series highways are minor commuter highways RL District
D D-series highways are distributer highways that connect to small urban areas. RL District
F F-series highways (fusing highways) connect highways to one another. They can be used to connect M highways or even just D highways.  County

List of major motorways

To avoid confusion, Wrexham-on-New-Trent is listed as Wrexham. 

Motorway Region
KGW5 Sasin City,NL - Kingview,NR -  Tonne,RL - Rupertland City
KGW22 Crawley,JL - Ips,JL - Rupertland City - Ruberta City,EL
KGW45 Ruberta,EL - Emileville,EL - Westampton,WL
KGW50 Portsmouth,EL - Noathingham,CL
QVW22 Rupertland City Orbital Motorway
QVW412 Ips,JL - Rupertland City - Ruberta,EL - Emileville,EL
HMM1 Crawley,JL - Ips,JL - Rupertland City - Tonne,RL - Wrexham,RL - Ruberta,EL - Noathingham,CL
HMM2 Elijah,EL - Emileville, EL - Ruberta, EL - Worth,EL
HMM3 Ruberta, EL - Little Wye,RL - Wrexham,RL - Rupertland City - Borderside,RL
HMM4 Westampton,WL - New Reading,RL - Wrexham, RL
HMM5 Shores,EL - Clackton,EL - Ruberta,EL
HMM6 Ruberta Partial Obital Motorway
HMM7 (Under construction) Rupertland City - Caps, RL - Emileville,RL
HMM8 (under construction) Rupertland coastal orbital highway: New Knotshire,KS - Elijah,EL - Beachfield,WL - South Beach,JL - Rupertland City - Tonne,RL - Ruberta,EL - New Knotshire,KS
A0-299 All 300 of these are used in the Rupertland Metropolis
A300-340 All 41 of these are used in the Ruberta Metropolis
A341-357 All of these are used in Emileville Region
A360-370 All of these are reserved for Oceanview,IT
A400-600 All of these are reserved for New Rupertland on the Delongo Base
B0-400 All 401 of the are reserved for Rupertland Metropolis
F1-75 All of these are used in Rupertland Metropolis