Sienfield is a major Delongonian City located in on the Western shores of the Ryan Bight, the Oilman Bay, and the Sky River. The city is primarily situated on the Jonathan Sienfield Peninsula and on Vanier, Bose, Magdad, Ryan, and Bight Islands. The Sienfield Urban Area is very weel known for its magnificent environment, being situated on the Jonathan Sienfield River Delta. It is the most populous city and the capital city of the Province of the City of Sienfield, and is considered by many as the economic centre of Delongo. Sienfield is located only 75km away from Nouvelle Montréal, and is easilly accesed via KGW 19, QVW 24, and Highway 707. 

Sienfield consists of six boroughs: Vanier, Leincaster, Loha, Bose, and Fieldham. Vanier, which is centered on Vanier Island, is considered by many as the economic centre of Delongo and of the World, playing host to many of the world's largest banks, the World Bank, and the Sienfield Stock Exchange (SSX).

In March 2014, the Province of the City of Sienfield voted to seperate from the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo.

Vanier Island

Considered the economic centre of Delongo, Vanier Island is home to many of the largest banks, companies, firms, and stock exchanges, including the largest stock exchange in the world, the Sienfield Stock Exchange (SSX). It is considered as the Manhattan of Sienfield, in fact the orginal urban layout, as designed in the 1850s, is based off of Manhattan's. Over one million people live on Vanier Island, with a median income of over $130,000. 

Vanier Island is divided into three main parts, Lower Vanier, Mid Vanier, and Upper Vanier. Lower Vanier is home to the city's primary Financial District. Mid Vanier is home to the city's commercial district, and Upper Vanier is home to a mix of commercial and residential towers.


Sienfield is connected to the International Express>>> System. SInefield also has one of the busiest subway systems in the world, the Sienfield Metropolitain (SMP). It is estimated that 53% of Sienfield's population uses public transit to get to work, which is an abnormally high number for any city. 

There are three international airports in the SIenfield Region. The largest airport is the Vanier International Airport, which is located in the Lochlester Industrial Park in the borough of Loha, alongside the Vanier Harbour. The second largest airport is the Sky International Airport, which is 45km away from Vanier Island, but remains very highly used, especially by the people living in suburb cities. The smallest airport in the region is Lincolnville Airport, which is located in Vue Baie, and is rarely used by Sienfielders, unless there is a major event going on causing for abnormally high traffic, yet in that case, many will go to Nouvelle Montréal for a flight.