The Sienfield Stock Exange (SSE) is Delongo's largest stock exchange. It is headquatered on International Square West, Sienfield.

SSE Economic Confidence

SSE Economic Confidence (SEC), is an SSE devlelopment that trades based upon a countries economy. The maximum value of a economy is $100.00, and the minimum is $0.01. Each dollar represents one percent confidence. Every year, on January 1, the annual average is calculated, and, if the investor wishes, the SSE will provide a return, with every share purchased, at the value of the average, with a 2% interest provided by World Banks. Or, the investor can choose to only take the interest, and keep their investment.

The money put into SEC is used by World Banks for loans, and thus they provide a 2% interest rate. A minimum of $10,000 must be placed into the SEC in order to recieve interest.

Country Call Sign 2011 Average
United States of America USA $48.32
Canada CND $86.24
France FRA $72.91
Delongo DEL $98.93
United Kingdom UKN $83.21
Mexico MEX $32.97
Brazil BRZ $29.39
Russia RUS $62.49
China CHI $89.30
Japan JPN $79.27
Australia AUS $68.93
New Zealand NEZ $59.33
India IND $64.83
Germany GRM $79.22

Notable companies on the SSE

Company Call Sign 2012 average
Blixium • WWBC WWBC $654.22
Blixium BLXM $1296.04
Scorch Bank SCOR $341.62
Condor Studios•WWBC CNST $75.21
Key Panel Network TKPN $591.81
bTECK TECK $2369.40
Luxing'hier Designs LUXD $90.24
FoXton Oil FXOL $235.98
Oilman Oils OILS $161.29
Lang Innovations LANG $98.71
Apple Delongo APLD $721.31
Justafair, Inc. JUSF $19.02
Research in Motion Delongo RIMD $29.10
Microsoft Delongo MICD $40.31
Blix Publishing BP $102.39
Blixium•Hope Publishing HOPE $95.20
Geektech GEEK $139.84