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The internationally recognized symbol for the Socialist Act.

The Socialist Act is a proposed addition to the Constitution of Delongo. The act was introduced in April 2013 to much controversy internationally. It was written by the MonoBlix Party of Delongo. It will be going to Parliament in September 2013.

The act's goal is to implement the ideology of Socialism across the nation of Delongo. Delongonian President Katie Lee has said that "Socialism is the riddle of history solved," which is a pun on Karl Marx's original comment on that of Communism.


In Delongo

The controversy has been minimal in Delongo, as the act has a 94.8% approval rating among the Delongonian public. The only recognized political party that has been outspoken against the ad is the Capitalist Party of Delongo, which has spoken out against the high tax rates that the act would bring forth. 

IMG 1425

A symbol for Fascism.


Other, more conservative nations have been highly outspoken against the Socialist Act, some saying that they will be cutting all Diplomatic ties with Delongo if the act passes through Parliament.

Pictured left, you can see the symbol that has been used by the Amercian Against Socialism. (The symbol is actually one for Fascism, of which the Socialist Act is not).

Summary of the Act

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Listed below are some of the major points the act brings forth.

New Delongo Bill

  • Changing the name of the nation from 'The Nation of Delongo' to 'The People's Democratic Republic of Delongo'.
  • Minimum prison sentences for corruption in Government: 5-50 years

Economic Action Bill

  • Raising taxes from 40% to 49%-64%.
  • Raising corporate taxes.
  • Lowering taxes on the less-wealthy and small buisnesses.
  • IMG 1429
    Introducing a 'living wage' of $17/hour for small buisnesses, $19/hour for large buisnesses.
  • Not allowing Government to make more than 4% of its revenue from any single industry

Basic Human Rights Act

  • Introducing a Bill of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Introducing a Minimum Charter for Warfare
  • Introducing the Free and Fair Elections Bill
  • Introducing the Human Needs Bill (Welfare Bill)
  • Introducing the Refugees Bill
  • Introducing the Immigrant's Bill of Rights
  • Recognizing Mandarin as an Official Language
  • Allowing for free dental care
  • Allowing for free optometry
  • Allowing for free life insurance
  • Allowing for free Post-Secondary Education and Training
  • Universal Healthcare renewed
  • Making all publicly funded institutions Non-Denominational

Sienfield Protection Act

  • Introducing the Defense for Capitalism Bill 
  • Introducing the Nimbus Calc Bill (Allowing factories to continue)

Worker's Rights Bill

  • Allowing for easier creation of unions
  • Introducing the Delongo Labour Code
  • Introducing the Worker's Bill of Rights

Eco-Action Bill

  • Large limits on enviromentally-dangerous actions
  • Funding for programs to paint roofs white
  • Funding for Public Transportation intiatives
  • Funding for Carpool lanes

Student's Rights Bill

  • Funding for Anti-Bullying intiatives
  • Introducing the Student's Bill of Rights