The South Blix East Nimbus Calc Memorial International Airport (ENC Memorial Aiport, SBENCMIA, South Blix Highton Airport, the second airport), is one of the busiest airports in the Urban Blix Area since its construction in 1970. It was the newest airport in South Blix until Macintosh Airport was built in Westingham.

Orginally, the airport was connected to Old Airport Way (then called Airport Way), which orginally ran a 20km length from the Highton Great Pier to Richards Street. In 1978, a new development came, called Highway 7, which would cause for the destruction of most of the road, except for a small portion in front of the airport, whcih would be used as a connector to the Highway 7 from the Airport. In 1983, after many complaints, a new Highton Interchange was built, directly connecting the airport to Highway 7, and with more capacity.

In 2007, the plans for the KGW 1 were announced, at it would be replacing Highway 7 in Highton and in Northwark, with it would come a new collector/express system to handle the new population levels. However, the UBA and the SBCC decided that it would cost too much to change the interchange, so they decided that the 3km portion in front of the airport would remain dual carriageway. Since 2010, this has caused much frustration. Funding was announced in 2014 for the expansion of the Interchange and the KGW 1.

The South Blix ENC Memorial Airport is unique in that it has been built completley on artificial land.

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