Shanghai port (1)

A fraction of the container port, with Portway in the background.

'South Island' is a small group of man-made islands, located in the south of Delongo. They are the largest man-made islands in history. They are only acessible by boat, and by express (subway). Seldom, small aircraft can be used as well. Until 2011, it was a large theme park island chain, accesible by cruise ships via Ferry Hills, created by the WWBC in the late 1970s.

In 2011, it was sold to the Delongo Board Organization, since then it has been transformed into a large, mid-ocean shipping hub. In fact, it is the largest port in the world by far, taking up the entire island, except for the small city in which many of the workers live, and tourists stay, called Portway. Aprox. 100,000 people are on the islands at any given time. The islands were forced together, into a larger island, leaving various harbours for boats, it was since renamed South Island (singular).


During Triicanes, the South Island is used as an emergency shelter for boats in North Atlanic- South Delongo area. The island has a very large cover, to shelter itself from the Triicanes. The cover covers the main harbours, surronded by land. Many boats, do not make it inside the shelter before it closes, and are therefore moved to the EMergency shelter, surronding the island. All they can do there, is tie up their boat(s), and in some cases, cover it, providing the boat isn't too tall. The people are then allowed to take a sidewalk located in the centre of the shelter, which leads to a tunnel that takes them in to the island, from far below. They must present their passport, to gain entry, however. Once checked in, they are welcomed to the Eaton Island, where the city of Portway is. During major Triicanes, sometimes all people (even those without a passport) will be welcomed inside, however they are not permitted to leave the Eaton Island, or take the express.

2011: Triicane Daisy