West New London is known internationlly for its street system, with emphasis on the Downtown naming system. The entire Island Layout for Westminster Island was planned in 1805 by Edgar Lewis. Today, only the Downtown system is used from Lewis. 

Downtown West New London

The Downtown presented significant difficulties due to the Royal Basin, New London Square, the Murphy River, and the pre-existing Limit Avenue. Lewis decided to use a grid system. Lewis was told that only one, tiny park would be in the downtown (this would later be untrue, but the parks would fit in between city blocks). Lewis was told that the Murphy River must be the East limit to the Downtown, and that Highway 1 must be the North limit, along with Limits Avenue.

Lewis used a numbered system for all of streets running West-East, and a Named System for all roads running North-South. He decided not to overwelm the city with North-South routes, favouring West-East routes.