Supreme Court of the PDRD


Court Axis, West New London

Composition Method

Appointment by Monarch of Rupertland, Monarch of UK, President, Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition

Chief Justice

The Right Honourable Evelyn Baxter


Court trial in 2006.

The Supreme Court of the People's Democratic Republic Delongo is the highest court of the nation. It is located in the Government District of West New London, in an old building created by Rupertland in the late 1600s. The building was the only courthouse outside of Rupertland Island, and was created for the failed Westminster City project. The supreme court is composed of over 200 judges, all from various backgrounds, from all over Delongo and the world. It is known as one of the least biased courts in the world.
Courtroom Ten

Courthouse view of the floor from high above.