The Kingsway (also known as Prkwy 3, the Wye Way, and M3) is one of the most famous parkways in the world. It runs through hundreds of parks. The route begins in Little Wye at an interchange with Highway A114. The route goes South-east until reaching the Rupertland metropolis, where it goes south. The route ends at the old Rupert County border. It is one of the only roads built in Rupertland Island since the 1800s. It shouldn't be confused with the M3, which begins in Ruberta and is overlaid with the Kingsway beginning at the roundabout in Little Wye. 

Despite being well-known as a part of Rupertland city, it in fact, never passes through the city.


  • Wrexham-on-New Trent
  • New Oxford
  • Southham
  • Rupertwish
  • Kidsgon
  • Alstone
  • Wrexham-Upon-Wye
  • New Paris
  • New Edinburgh
  • Wrexham-Upon-Rupert
  • Georgetown
  • Southlands
  • Bid
  • Carlisle
  • New Rome
  • Intro
  • Ville
  • Weston
  • Alderhill
  • Little Burrow
  • Trekale
  • Ruperton
  • Wallace
  • South Rupert