The Times 100 is an annual ranking of Delongonian businesses in terms of total revenue. It is compiled by the Times of Soleil Boulevard.

FX = Foxton, KF = Kota Fushinee, MW = Matewood, NC = Nimbus Calc, NL = West New London, NM = Nouvelle Montréal Sud, RL = Rupertland, SB = South Blix

DM = Delongo Ministry

Rank Company/Group (Official Name in Brackets) Ownership Industry Legal HQ de facto HQ Notes
1 People's Bank of the PDRD DM Financial NL SB
2 KOTA (Kota National Construction) DM Real Estate, Construction KF KF
3 Nimbus DM Transportation, Engineering NC SB
4 Blixium Semi-Private Retail, Consumer products, Entertainment SB SB
5 Delongo National Petroleum DM Oil and gas FX SB
6 bTECK Semi-Private Technology SB SB
7 dGROCER DM Grocery SB SB
8 National Bank of the PDRD DM Financial SB Sb
9 Zhang Cho - Suk Li - Delaveau (ZSD) Semi-Private Financial, Real Estate SB SB
10 Blixian Hydro DM Electricity SB SB
11 Delongonian National Hypermarkets DM Grocery SB SB
12 Lefebvre-Thibault Banque Nationale Semi-Private Financial NM NM
13 Banque Populaire Delongonien Semi-Private Financial NM NM
14 The Delongonian Media Group Semi-Private Media SB SB
15 Delongonian National Motors Semi-Private Motors NC SB
16 Studio Six Entertainment Private Entertainment MW MW
17 Construction Bank of the PDRD DM Financial SB SB
18 Maison Baie & Mode Private Fashion NM NM
19 GAIA, Mother of Earth Foods Private Foods SB SB
20 Delongo National Aviation Holding (Delongonian Airways) DM Air Transportation SB SB
21 Bloomingdale Properties Semi-Private Real estate SB SB
22 People's Mobile DM Mobile network SB SB
23 Maison Armés Private Fashion NM NM
24 bOIL DM Oil and Gas NL SB
25 Lincoln Industries Semi-Private Various RL RL
26 Delongonian Tele Vision (DTV) Private Media SB SB
27 E.V.E. Private Retail SB SB
28 un motors Semi-Private Automobiles NM NM
29 People's Transit DM Mass Transportation NL NL
30 People's Post DM Mail NL SB
31 Pharmacy, Inc. DM Pharmaceuticals, Distribution, Retail SB SB
32 Agralix Private Agriculture SB SB
33 Papier Zion Semi-Private Paper, Electronics NM NM
34 Agriknott Semi-Private Agriculture RL RL
35 RuperthouseProspers Private Retail RL RL
36 Recreational Dispensary (RecDisp) DM Drugs, alcohols, and other controlled substances NL NL
37 The People's Alcohol Society (Pas) DM Alcohols NL NL
38 Clé Semi-Private Phamaceuticals SB SB A subsidiary of Blix University
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