The Tri Lake Oil Sands (also called Tri Lake Tar Sands, TLOS)  are the world's largest oil centre, with large deposits of heavy crude oil and crude oil. The Tri-Lake Oil Sands were found in 1997 with the finding of the iconic "Valley of Oil", or Jayce Valley. The discovery caused for more research in the area, and many new areas full of oil were found. 

In 2014, the Delongo Ministry restricted all oil as a crown resource, similar to water, therefore only the crown could decide who could drill for oil. Since then, many new crown corporations have emerged in the TLOS

Oil Reserves


Oil Area Year of Discovery

Size (#)

Dimin Cliff 2012 4
Rockies Oil 2012 5

Foxton Oil Areas

There are several oil areas in the Foxton Area.

Oil Area Year of Discovery Size(#)
Valley of Oil/Jayce Valley 1997 2
City Sands 1998 3
New Man Oil Sands 2003 9
Axesun 2006 10
Jalaly 2007 11
Tri Oil Sands 2010 12
Foxton Oil Reserves (man made) 2010 14

Eastern Oil Areas

These are Oil Areas that extend outside of the Foxton Area.

Oil Area Year of Discovery Size (#)
Euylize Oil (Protected) 2011 1
Ocean Oil Sands 2007 6
Wilfredsun Oil Reserve 2008 7
Gage Oil Sands 2003 8
Owenjust Oil Sands 1990 13

Oil sand companies

Only a few companies are now permitted to harvest oil, however many companies continue to own land in the area originally bought for the purpose of oil harvesting.

Company Area Profit fr. TLOS Allowed Owner
Delongo National Petroleum 5 ɖ602b Ministry of Resources
Royal Delongo Oil 2 ɖ413b Ministry of Resources
b•OIL 1 ɖ410b Ministry of Resources
FoxPetro 3 ɖ360b Under Audit Scorch Bank
RDS Delongo 6 ɖ300b Under Audit RDS
BP 7 ɖ230b x BP
LuKi Oil 8 ɖ187b x LuKi
Other Private Companies 4 ɖ1079b Audits Various.