The Urban Blix Area green belt is a very large Green Belt that surrounds the Urban Blix Area. It stretches over two provinces, Quad-Blix and Bayview. 


In 1913, when the Urban Blix Area began growing out of control, it was proposed to the UBA Development Panel to create a large Green Belt surrounding the UBA, in order to prevent the entire province from being urbanized, which was a legitimate concern.

The UBA Development Panel voted overwhelmingly in favour of the green belt, which would be placed at the very edge of the UBA Fringes, which is managed by the County of Greenston. The Green Belt would be at least 50km long, and no more then 150km long. The UBA approached the Province of Bayview, which was incredibly frightened of simply becoming an extension of the UBA, which they had seen from the city of Ferry Hills, which was recognized by the UBA as a potential member, due to the economic benefits of the UBA that Ferry Hills takes, due to its location (only 2km away from the official UBA).

Bayview decided to create a very large Green Belt, which stretched from the Quad-Blix border, to the Oilman Bay, and surrounded Ferry Hills, and reached up into la Région Métropolitaine de Nouvelle Montréal (which would later be surrounded by the Bayview Urban Development Blocker).

The Green Belt laws came into effect in 1915. It is one of the most successful Green Belts in existence.


Today, the Green Belt is a massive source of problems for the UBA. Already commuting times are incredibly large for residents, so industrial and commerical centres are growing in placing such a New Blix, Iconic Liverpool, Guangzhou Xin, Staed, and New Calgary. The UBA files requests regularly for 50km of Bayview portion of the Green Belt (known as the Bayview Block) to be opened for urban development. The Province of Quad-Blix has filed over 75 requests to the province of Bayview to give up 50km for either urban development, or forfeit it to the QB, all requests have been denied.

In 2013, the UBA and the Quad-Blix filed a Supreme Court case against the Province of Bayview for posing unnecessary restrictions on the UBA. The Delongonian Supreme Court agreed 14-5, and told Bayview to forfeit the land for urban development, or to the QB. Bayview filed an appeal, but it was denied. The court also recommended that Bayview review the Green Belt, and to see if the belt should be as large as it is. The court also said that it could be holding Bayview back from its full potential.