Urban Blix Area


400,400,000 (2015)


Definite, Cultural, Pure.


Quad-Blix Area, Harbour View


Wilma Heinz (Unofficial)

Jackson Lowe (Official)

The Urban Blix Area (UBA) is the largest Urban Area in Delongo. The term UBA, was created by the Stats Delongo in order to specify the large workforce that works in South Blix, but lives in other areas. Before its official establishment as a government body, the UBA was a term that was used to describe the entire urban area around South Blix. Today, the terms are used interchangably. 

The UBA streches out over two provinces, the Quad-Blix Area, and Vue Baie. Ferry Hills is the only cities that are not in Quad-Blix that is a part of the UBA.

Fixed links

Scorch Island - Westhampton (1)

  • Ryan Rowling Memorial Bridge

Scorch Island - The Zubee, West Blix (1)

  • Scorche Zubee Bridge

Westhampton - The Zubee, West Blix (6)

  • King's Bridge
  • West Bridge

Westview - Southfield, West Blix (1)

  • Ronald Kay Blix Bridge

Sengkeng - Downtown West Blix (9)

  • Blix Bridge (built 1831)
  • Marci Ann Blix Bridge

Westside, West Blix - Guangzhou Xin (2)

Fieldside - New Blix (7)

Appledore, West Blix - Lords Island (8)

Lords Island - Bridgetown (7)

Knottip - East Blix (11)

Kingsfort - East Blix (3)

  • Interruption St. Bridge (largest non-Highway crossing)

Marci Square - East Blix (2)

  • Marci North Bridge
  • Marci East Bridge

Allhallon - Rocket Island (7)

Rocket Island - East Blix (8)

Grand Laurier - Jala (1)

  • Life Over Water Bridge

Laurson - Bridge Island (1)

  • Half-Circle Bridge One

Bridge Island - Jala (1)

  • Half-Circle Bridge Two
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