The Blix Metro is a rapid transit system in the city of Blix. A symbol of the city, it is noted for its density within the city limits and its architecture. It consists of the UBU "Urban Blix Underground" system, which is entirely underground and 3014 kilometres long. It has over 9303 stations, of which 362 have transfers between lines. There are 237 lines, which are identified on maps by number/letter and colour, and direction of travel is indicated by the terminus. The UBU offers service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for every day of the year. Following the renaming of South Blix to Blix, the SBU was renamed UBU. In a Fall 2018 marketing decision, the City of Blix and Urban Blix Area decided to rebrand their rail transport systems at the Blix Metro, with a UBU devision facilitating mostly local transport and a High Speed Rail system connecting commuters over longer distances.

The UBU is the busiest metro system in the world with over 200 million daily users.


Lines B-Z are major lines which cross the entire island or UBA. The busiest line in the system is the C-line (nicknamed the Marci Line), which serves West Blix to Sengkeng to Marci Square to The Lorx to Easttip.

Lines Ax are South Blix Aboveground lines. (e.g. Ab, A42, Aq)

Lines 1-250 are lines passing through Marci Square.

Lines 301-371 are lines which pass through Beckerham *but not* Marci Square.

Lines 401-451 are lines which pass through Bankshire *but not* Marci Square or Beckerham.

Lines 501-659 are lines which *do not* cross the WEST LINE. The WEST LINE is the border between the borough of West and the City-Centre quarter of the Island.

Lines 701-749 are lines which pass through the City-Centre but not through Marci Square, Beckerham, or Bankshire.

Lines 801-1100 are lines which *do not* leave the Eastern half of the Island.

Line 1200 connects Scorch Island to the A line.

Lines 1201-1299 are lines on Scorch Island

Lines 1401-1599 are lines on islands besides South Blix Island, Scorch Island, and West Blix Island.

Lines 2001-9000 are lines in the UBA, but not South Blix

Note: the XXX pattern will follow the rules above.

Lines structured as 2-XXXX pass through West Blix and South Blix.

Lines structured as 3-XXXX or 4-XXXX cross from another UBA city to South Blix.

Lines structured as 5-XXXX or 6-XXXX exist solely in the UBA with or without connections to Jala or West Blix.

Lines structured as 7-XXXX connect through Jala (may also connect another UBA city).

Line examples:

Line Route Major Carriers Daily Ridership Termini
B Old Iconic to East Blix to Marci Square to Beckerham Waterloo 9 million N: Old Province House

S: Rochester/ Waterfront

C West Blix to Sengkeng to Marci Square to The Lorx to Easttip Ohtahlay and Appledoor (Western) 15 million W: Blix Ave./Jiu Zhai St.


D Nehai - North Morris - Morris - York - North Blix - New Blix - WB - SK - BKH - MS - Manlieu N: Colchester Ave./763rd St.
E Jala to East Blix to West Blix to Beckerham
F Ferry Hills - Jala - Poplar - Allhallon - MS - BKH - SK W: Sengkeng Central

E: Place Tigo

G Bangalore - Port Said - Guangzhou Xin - WB - SK - MS - Manlieu N: Kumarakrupa/ 287th

S: Rochester/ Washington

H Boul. Ésthetique
K RKBIA - Downtown WB - Hockley - Bedok - MS W: RKBIA

E: Aesthetic/ Soleil

N Nockley
R Rochester Ave.
S Follows Soleil Blvd. Soleil Blvd. W: Friendship Circle

E: Soleil/ The Guard

W Canville - Osaka - Dundee - Yorkshire - New Denver - Ahmadabad - New Seoul - Streeter - EB - MS Nockley
Y Ensoleilée
SC "Strait Crosser" Crosses the Straits to the Base and WBI many times. N/A 4 million
AP MABIA - NGIA - Blix Mall - SBNCMIA - SK -RKBIA N/A 1 million W: RKBIA


1 Las - Sueton - Iconic Oxford - Old Iconic - Iconic Glasgow - New Seoul - Streeter - EB - MS - BK - WW Interruption St. 2 million
2 Iconic Liverpool - Iconic Reading - Iconic Glasgow - Ahmadabad - Greater Kingston - NoB - New Blix - Guangzhou Xin
3 Port Said - Guangzhou Xin - New Blix - Bridgetown - Jala - Ferry Hills Highway 8 4 million
4 Rwanda
7 Appledoor (Eastern)

Sister Station Project

The Sister Station Project began in the 1940s as a way to commemorate excellent subway stations around the world, by creating sister (but more like twin) stations in Blix.

World Metro UBU Station Made to Resemble Opened Line(s)
Moscow Metro Appledoor/Trevi Elektrozavodskaya 1949 7
Moscow Metro Soleil/Triangle Mayakovskaya 1953 S
Moscow Metro Soleil/The Boulevard E Kiyevskaya 1957 S, 63
Moscow Metro Railway/Nockley Komsomolskaya 1994 W
St. Petersburg Champs-Chinois/Waterloo Avtovo 1966 B, 11
Montreal Metro Groulx/Marci East Lionel-Groulx 1990 200
Beijing Metro Soleil/Murphson Guloudajie 2013 S
Beijing Metro Water/343rd (Guangzhou Xin) Beihai North 2018 G
Shanghai Metro Water/300th (Guangzhou Xin) Dashijie Station 2017 G
Paris Metro Ensoleilée/Euylize Arts et Métiers 1984 Y
Barcelona Portobello/Paddington Llefià 2016 73
Naples Museum/Nockley Toledo 2015 W
Budapest Champs-Chinois/Ohtahlay E Szent Gellért Square 2017 11


Rush hours are defined by the SBU as 7AM-10AM, and 3:45PM-6:30PM on weekdays. The SBU operates by a very strict schedule, and is known for rarely being late. The off-peak frequency is subject to change for each line, however the rush hour times are universal for all lines except special lines (e.g. the AIRPORT line). The SBU has said that it is unable to further decrease the rush hour wait, and is begging businesses to stagger their opening times. It has said that current technology globally will never be able to reduce wait times below 1min 25s. It is working with Blix University on ways to reduce wait times and maximize passenger use.

Operating hours are defined as the time when the first train will leave the terminus, and when the last train will leave the terminus.

Operating Hours Rush hours Off-peak daytime Late night
Lettered lines

E.g. C, F, Y

Monday and Tuesday: 5AM-2AM

Wednesday (5AM) to Monday (2AM): 24hrs

1min, 25s 3min to 4min 4min to 5min, 30s
Numbered lines Monday to Wednesday: 5AM-2AM

Thursday to Sunday: 24hrs

1min, 55s 3min to 5 min 4min to 6min
SBA - Lettered

E.g. Ab, Ae


Closed Mondays from 1:30AM-4AM

2min, 50s 4min to 5min 5min to 10min
SBA - Numbered Sunday to Thursday: 5AM-2AM

Friday to Saturday: 24hrs

3min, 50s 5min to 6min 6min to 15min